8 Media to Use to Decorate Kids Bookshelves

Your kids probably spend a lot of time in their rooms, so why not make them an enjoyable place where they want to hang out. Adding kids bookshelves can be a great way to store their toys, school stuff and more. But rather than throw up any old ordinary wood shelf, think about creating shelves that are fun and inviting. Whether it is to slap on a coat of brightly colored paint or stencil on some cool art that reflects your child's likes, decorating bookshelves can be a fun project you can even do together. Here are 8 ideas for what media to use when decorating kid’s bookshelves. Be sure you have the appropriate tools, supplies and knowledge of what you want to do before beginning in order not to make any mistakes.

Idea 1 - Acrylic Paints

Acrylic paints come in a variety of colors and are easy to use and can be washed down if needed without compromising their color. Try using a bright blue for a boy’s room or pink for a girl’s; add additional colors to make designs, patterns, etc.

Idea 2 - Faux Finish

You can create bookshelves that look like brick, hard wood, suede or even leather with faux finish paints that are already made up. All you have to do is paint them on, and you've got a unique look without having to do much.

Idea 3 - Stencils

Stenciling on a design or favorite theme on bookshelves is easy with a stencil pattern usually available at craft stores. Place the stencil of choice like hearts, sports equipment and the like on the shelf, color it in with desired paint and you've created something your child will love.

Idea 4 - Staining

Staining the wood shelf is a nice way to get rid of plain wood and replace it with something else like a dark, rich mahogany or even a light birch color. Stains take to wood easily and are durable, perfect for getting beat up on by books.

Idea 5 - Collage

Cut out images and photos of your child’s favorite things and place them on the wood shelving. Cover with a shiny decoupage gloss to keep them intact. You can also use memorabilia like cards and ticket stubs from events that you have taken your child to.

Idea 6 - Shabby Chic

Shabby chic your kid's bookshelves to make them look as if they were passed down from you or another family member. Use a regular matte paint and let it dry. Next, using steel wool pads, rub the paint in various areas until the wood starts to surface. The overall look becomes Old World.

Idea 7 - Stickers

Add store bought stickers to shelves of your child's favorite things; for girls it could be flowers and animals, and for boys, footballs, baseballs and fishing paraphernalia. Stickers can be bought at most craft stores and are an inexpensive way to decorate an ordinary shelf.

Idea 8 - Wall paper

Wall paper or contact paper can be pasted right onto shelves and comes in all sorts of textures, colors, patterns and sizes to help create a neat shelf. Let your child choose what he likes best.