8 Mistakes You're Making When Installing Carpet

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Installing carpet is one of those things that looks pretty easy on the TV shows and even if you see it in person. That's only because the people you see installing carpet on TV and in professional situations have the right tools, equipment and knowledge in order to do the job properly. It's actually very easy to screw up carpeting and end up with a big mess. Learn how to avoid all the common mistakes that many people make when they install carpet, so you end up with a great-looking floor you'll be proud to show ff.

1. Not Acclimating

Take the time to acclimate your carpet, or you may regret it later. Carpeting is often somewhat stiff when it's purchased. Store the carpet inside your home and let it rest for a few days before you begin installation so the carpet will stretch and more easily for you.

2. Failing to Get the Equipment

Yes, it's cheaper when you DIY tasks like carpet installation on your own. However, you also probably don't already have the equipment that professional installers use to get this job done. Make sure you have tack strips to hold the carpet in pace, carpet trimmers, hammers, seam tape, a putty knife, carpet glue and carpet nails. You shou.d as make sure you have eye protection and gives while you work.

tacking carpet with a hammer

3. Skipping the Measurements

It seems like the simplest step in any DIY project but measurements actually make or break any home improvement you're trying to tackle. Measuring has t be extremely precise because even a 1-inch difference can make a huge impact on the finished project. Yuo'll need to cut several pieces of carpet and measure it perfectly to make sure the seams don’t show. Remember that you have to install around every corner, every bend and every contour of the floor.

Check your measurements by first laying all the carpet out on the floor to see precisely where the carpet needs to go and make the exact cuts you need to make. If your carpet has any kind of pattern at all, make sure the pattern is matching up perfectly everywhere. If the pattern is off just a little bit, it will ruin the look of the entire room.

4. Not Cleaning

Don't forget to clean when you’re installing new carpet. You want to clean the floor as thoroughly as you possibly can before you place new carpeting on any floor. Just remember to wait and allow the floor to dry before you begin the installation.

hands drilling in carpet edge

5. Skipping the Transition

Don't forget about the area where the carpets ends and begins. You want to have a smooth transition from one room to the next and one type of flooring to the next. Ignoring transitions will make your project look sloppy and unfinished.

6. Ignoring the Seams

You must place a continuous seam of adhesive along all edges of the carpeting you place. Don't forget to glue the carpet down securely, or you'll end up with curling edges that make your carpeting look sloppy and actually create potential trip hazards. Take time and practice extra care with every carpet seam, because this is the only way to end up with a smooth, seamless look.

hand tool rolling over carpet seams

7. Not Stretching

Carpet must be stretched as it’s placed. This prevents bumps and humps that ruin the look of carpeting. Professional installers use power-stretchers to complete this task. If you can afford it rent this equipment or purchase it, make the investment because this makes the job much easier. However, you can stretch a carpet on your own with knee kickers. This is a bit more labor-intensive and takes longer.

8. Rushing

Slowing the process down makes it as easy as possible to avoid mistakes. Take your time, measure twice and work slowly to install beautiful carpet. Test pieces of carpeting to make sure they fit before they place them, prep the for well and work slowly. If you avoid all the common carpet installation mistakes, you’ll end up with a floor you can love.