8 Polyurethane Glue Safety Tips 8 Polyurethane Glue Safety Tips

Polyurethane glue is widely used in several applications such as construction, furniture, craft work and flooring. It is usable on several surfaces including metal, wood, ceramics, rubber and plastics. Polyurethane glue is very durable and long lasting, which makes it the preferred choice for indoor and outdoor applications. With the eight precautions described here, you can use polyurethane glue safely and gain the best results.

1. Wear Gloves

Polyurethane glue is fast acting and creates strong bonds in seconds. It cures and hardens in the presence of moisture, which it can get from your skin. To protect your skin, you must wear thick gloves and cover your entire body with long clothes when working with polyurethane glue. Even if the glue is removed, there are chances of skin irritation and rashes.

2. Prevent Inhalation

If inhaled, polyurethane glue can be an irritant to the nasal and respiratory tracts. Some individuals may also experience severe, allergic reactions to the glue. It is therefore important to wear some sort of face mask that minimizes inhalation of the product.

3. Work in a Ventilated Area

Always work in a ventilated area so that you are not exposed to concentrated vapors or gases emitted by the polyurethane glue. If you feel sick or have trouble breathing, go outdoors and get some fresh air till you feel better.

4. Store Container in a Cool, Dark Area

To avoid drying and to maximize shelf life, you must store polyurethane glue is a cool, dark place. Never store it close to food, because the container may emit harmful gases during storage. Avoid places like the pantry and refrigerator.

5. In Case of Accidental Consumption, Seek Medical Attention

Polyurethane glue can cause serious problems if ingested. Because it hardens in the presence of moisture, polyurethane glue usually hardens in the mouth and around the lips and does not pass to the throat. However, to be safe, you must seek medical attention immediately and try to remove the glue by washing it with warm water for at least 15 minutes.

6. Never Try to Force Apart Glue if it Lands on Body

If any glue lands on your skin, never try to rub it off with a cloth or try to scrape it off. This can cause the skin to peel off. To get the glue out, you must wash your skin with warm soapy water. You can also try nail polish remover, which helps dissolve and remove the glue.

7. Wear Safety Goggles

If polyurethane glue lands on your eyes, it can seriously affect your eyesight. You must wear safety goggles during its usage. Never try to pry open your eyes if some glue gets in them. Instead, wash your eyes with warm water repeatedly till the glue comes off. Seek medical attention to rule out any problems.

8. Keep Children and Pets Away

It is important to keep children and pets away from the work location when you are using polyurethane glue. In addition to the problems caused by possible inhalation, there is also the chance that a bottle may be opened and used in unintended ways.

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