8 Projects That Use Car Polymer Sealant 8 Projects That Use Car Polymer Sealant

There are numerous projects that can utilize your excess car polymer sealant. Polymer sealants create a durable and sustainable coating which is capable of protecting many finishes from exposure to temperatures, water, dirt, grime and other elements that would break down the finish over time. Polymer sealants leave a great shine on most surfaces including glass and metals. Here are 8 simple uses for your excess car polymer sealant that can save you time, energy and money.

Model Cars

One application for your excess car polymer sealant that you might not have considered is model cars, trucks, airplanes and helicopters. Most model car creators take pride in their completed projects and preservation is important to them. By applying a small amount of car polymer sealant to your model car just as you would your actual car, you can help preserve the finish. The sealant will help protect the model’s finish from dust, dirt and grime to keep it looking better for a longer amount of time. 


Your excess polymer sealant can be used in minimal amounts to shine and protect your granite. If you have granite counter tops that you want to keep protected and shiny, just use a polishing cloth and a very small amount of the polymer sealant and work the sealant into the counter tops creating a protective coating and shine at the same time. 

Stainless Steel 

You can shine and polish your stainless steel with your excess polymer sealant as well. This includes any stainless steel workshop tools, faucets and appliances. Just apply a very thin coat of the sealant to the stainless steel and buff with a polishing cloth to shine and protect from fingerprints.


You can shine, clean and protect your household brass with your excess polymer sealant as well. Anything that is brass such as door knobs and knockers, mailboxes and furniture handles or hinges can be coated with the sealant to add shine and protection from corrosion.

Shower Doors

An excellent use for your excess polymer sealant is your shower door. Shower doors are susceptible to soap scum build up and mildew. First, clean your shower door with your regular bathroom cleansing product. Then apply a small amount of the sealant to the door with a dry cloth. The sealant will help protect the glass door from soap scum and mildew.


Your excess polymer sealant can also be used on doors and drawers to help keep them lubricated and easy to open and close. The sealant will help keep door hardware lubricated to prevent creaks when opening and closing and will help drawers slide smoothly. Just apply a very small amount with a dry cloth to the door hardware (hinges) and drawer sliders. 


By adding a very small amount of polymer sealant to your bathroom mirrors you can prevent them from fogging. The sealant creates a barrier on the mirror that prevents the condensation from attaching to the glass which prevents your bathroom mirrors from fogging up.

Furniture Rings 

When you have a stubborn glass or drink ring on your coffee table that furniture polish cannot remove, just give your excess polymer sealant a try. Just use your finger to apply the sealant directly to the ring marks with your finger. Leave the sealant long enough for it to begin to dry and then buff with a dry cloth.

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