8 Projects You Can Do in One Weekend

A man holding a cordless drill in front of stacks of wood.

It doesn’t take much to become overwhelmed when tackling DIY home improvement projects. Instead of trying to do everything at once, however, you can save a lot of time and stress by doing smaller projects instead. From making over the bathroom to installing kitchen lighting, here are eight DIY home projects you can complete in a weekend.

1. Patch Work

All houses develop holes in the walls over the course of their lives. What better time to patch up these eye sores than the weekend? You can repair drywall rips and tears with some surfacing compound and a putty knife. After the patch has dried, you can either repaint the entire wall or get the paint matched at your local hardware store. If you are not feeling up to the challenge, consider purchasing some art to hang over the drywall holes for concealment.

2. Revamp Entryway

A house with a red door.

Sprucing up your entryway is one of the easiest ways to increase the curb appeal of your home. Start by retooling the front door with a fresh coat of paint. After the paint has dried, switch out the old hardware to complete the new look. Apart from the front door, installing house numbers, a new light fixture, and a bit of greenery are great ways to create an attractive entrance.

3. Kitchen Lighting Project

Brighten up your kitchen with a new light fixture. Before installing the new unit, make sure the power to the kitchen is turned off at the breaker. With the main power off, remove the old fixture and pay close attention to how the wiring harness is situated. Follow the old wiring scheme when installing the new unit and turn the power back on. You can also set up rope lighting or push lights under cabinets to help illuminate counter space.

4. Bathroom Makeover

A showerhead.

You might be surprised what you can accomplish in a weekend, especially when it comes to the bathroom. Although most bathroom renovations are expensive, you can make the space feel new by adding new faucets and showerheads. Make sure to measure your existing faucet before you purchase a new one or you might end up with a unit that does not fit. Turn off the water under the sink before installing and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the faucet and showerhead. Lastly, check the caulking around the bathtub and sink and reapply wherever necessary.

5. Remodel Interior Doors

Purchasing a completely new set of interior doors can get expensive. Fortunately, hitting the doors with a fresh coat of paint and some trim can make them appear brand new. Use the trim to form two rectangles of differing size on the outside of the door and glue in place. You can then paint the doors to match the existing frame.

6. Update Kitchen Cabinets

Gray kitchen cabinets.

You can really spice up your kitchen cabinets with a fresh coat of paint and new drawer pulls. If you are feeling extra brave, you can look through your local antique store for a unique set of hardware. As far as color goes, neutral tones are always a safe bet though you may want to go a bit bolder depending on the color of your other appliances.

7. Inspect the HVAC System

Checking the HVAC system is an important step in ensuring your home’s heating and cooling system is running its best. Start by inspecting the water heater and taking notice of any leaks or water damage below the unit. If you have not flushed out the system in a long time, giving the water heater a good scrub will help clean out dirt and grime that typically accumulates on the bottom of the unit. When it comes to the furnace and air conditioner, make sure all filters are checked and replaced wherever necessary. You can also inspect vents and air ducts for any obstructions.

8. Bathroom Mirror Treatment

Most homes come equipped with a plain glass mirror held in place with a few screws and glue. Instead of replacing the mirror with a new and probably more expensive model, consider framing the old one. Simply purchase some decorative molding at your local hardware store, cut to length and install around the mirror. This will give your old mirror a new look without the added cost.