8 Reasons To Seal Patio Tables 8 Reasons To Seal Patio Tables

Patio tables are often at the mercy of the weather all year round so they need to have some basic treatment.

Swelling and distortion

If timber gets wet it immediately starts to swell. As well as being unsightly the swollen timber will be applying stresses that the furniture was not designed to withstand stress. Although swollen timber might seem to shrink back as it dries out, damage has been done. The fibers in the timber will have lost cohesion and the dried wood will be significantly weaker. Some wood that has been swollen will start to crumble when dry again.

Frost damage

In a freeze, the water in timber will freeze and expand. This will lead to cracks and more distortion. As the weather warms up the cracks will enable even more water to penetrate. This could start a new cycle of damage. Frost damage is very difficult to repair and usually requires that timber sections be replaced.


If timber furniture contains any iron fittings they will start to rust. The rust will discolor the timber and probably cause it to split. Rusted fittings are difficult to remove and sometimes cannot be replaced because of the damage to the timber. If the rusted fittings are used as a structural feature the furniture could collapse without warning.


Wooden furniture quickly rots if it is allowed to get wet repeatedly. Mold not only destroys the timber but it can also be a health hazard. If the rot or mold is left untreated there is a danger it will develop fruiting heads. These fruiting heads can produce millions of spores and affect other timber in the area. Moldy timber is best replaced to prevent the spread of spores.

Wicker Patio Tables

Wicker patio tables can be affected by water penetration even more seriously. Wickerwork relies upon the weave of the split canes and grasses for its overall strength. Because the split cane and grasses are quite thin, any damage to them can lead to sections coming unraveled.


Sealing your furniture can protect it from damage by the sun. Sealed furniture takes much longer to dry out. A good seal will protect the furniture from being bleached. Bleaching can weaken some materials but it fades colors and can destroy the appearance of a piece of furniture.

Spills and stains

Apart from the dangers of the weather patio tables need to be protected against spills and stains. Patio tables are used for many different tasks and aren’t always cleaned as soon as there is a spill. A well-sealed table will usually repel a stain and be easy to clean even days later.

Maintain the appearance

No matter what you paid for your table, it will be treated better if it looks better. It is easier to maintain the appearance of sealed tables with less work. Sealing the tables will reduce the mount of cleaning and polishing that would otherwise be necessary to maintain them in good condition.  

It doesn’t take that much effort to seal a table but it can reduce the effort needed to keep it in good condition.

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