Causes and Signs of a Bad Fuel Pump

A diesel gasoline sticker above the gas tank opening.

If your car has a fuel pump, you must keep it in good working condition. Read on to learn what can cause problems with your fuel pump and what some of the signs are when yours is failing so you can immediately remedy the issue when it presents itself.

Potential Causes

Consistently Low Gasoline

Always make sure that your car never runs out of fuel. This will help in increasing the life of your fuel pump as running it on low fuel causes strain. Aim to always get your fill-ups before your vehicle’s gas light illuminates.

Engine Breakdowns

Although it’s obvious that you want to make sure your vehicle never completely breaks down, this can have a negative impact on the life of your fuel pump.


High-Pitched Sound

When your vehicle starts making a high-pitched sound, it could be a sign of a bad fuel pump. Different vehicle pumps make different sounds, so there might be high-pitched noises or scraping sounds. If you hear unusual noises of any kind, make sure to have your vehicle checked out.

Low Fuel Pressure

If your fuel pump is not working properly, the vehicle may not be able to maintain a good fuel pressure. With low pressure, your car might have trouble starting even though the rest of the parts are functioning normally.

Problems Accelerating

If your vehicle suddenly has trouble in accelerating, it might be a symptom that you need to replace your fuel pump. This usually happens when the pump is not supplying an adequate amount of fuel.

Malfunctioning Filter

Many times, the filter of your car might seem to be malfunctioning. This will mean that you’ll be replacing the filter on a regular basis as they end up being worn out over a very short period of time.

Low Power

Sometimes, your vehicle might have a loss of power, which usually ends up slowing down the car. A loss of power should never be ignored, and it can be a sign that it’s time to replace your diesel fuel pump.

Engine Stops

Since the fuel feed is obviously not consistent in a car with a poor fuel pump, the engine might come to a halt any time for a moment or two.