8 Super Easy and Quick DIY Crafts

A wood bath caddy with a candle and drink in it.

Not all DIY projects are created equal. While some projects are boring and get pushed back until the last minute, others are fun and can be relaxing. If you are looking for projects that fit into the latter category, here are eight DIY projects that couldn't be easier or quicker to complete!

1. Build a Bathtub Shelf

Few things are better than relaxing in a warm bubble bath after a hard day at work. But you can make that experience even more relaxing by building a shelf that can hold whatever helps you unwind, be it a good book or a glass of wine. Build the shelf using strips of wood that are slightly longer than the width of your tub. Simply stain the wood however you like and then stack them together with two pieces glued on both ends.

2. Construct a Small Zen Garden

A close-up of sand and rocks in a Zen garden.

Looking after a small Zen garden is another way to relax after work. All you need is a small tray, some fine-grain sand, a couple of colorful stones and a rake. The great part about this project is that you can always add on to the garden later and make it as big as you like.

3. Make a Personalized Mug

You can create your own personalized coffee or tea mug with nothing more than a Sharpie and an oven. Take a blank mug and write or draw a message of your choice on the outside with the Sharpie. Heat the oven to 350 degrees and place the mug inside for half an hour. The ink will stay in place after you take it out.

4. Make an Entryway Coat Rack

Someone hanging up a backpack on a vintage coat rack.

Freshen up your home’s entryway by building a new coat rack. You can make the rack out of any kind of wood, including recycled lumber or even an old board. For the hooks, simply use knobs from old furniture and screw them into place.

5. Create a Wood Photo

You can transfer your favorite family photo to a piece of wood in a few easy steps. Start by cutting the wood and picture to the desired size. Apply an acrylic gel medium to the surface of the wood and place the photo face down on top. Try to get out as many air bubbles as possible and allow the project to dry for about eight hours. Once the medium has dried, wet the surface with a damp rag and remove the paper. Seal the picture with a layer of Mod Podge and allow it to dry before hanging.

6. Build a Chalkboard Sign

A framed chalkboard with the words "welcome home" on it against a rustic wood background.

Chalkboard signs are a great way to leave notes to family members or keep track of busy schedules. You can turn an old mirror into a new chalkboard in a few easy steps. Simply paint the old frame a new color and brush over the glass with some chalkboard paint.

7. Assemble a Pebble Trivet

You can make your own warming trivet with a few pebbles and some wood circles. Hot glue the pebbles onto the wood surface until you have an even layer. (You can substitute a sturdy fabric for wood, if you want.) These trivets are great for keeping food warm or for placing underneath hot drinks.

8. Coffee Bean Scented Lights

If you like the smell of coffee in the morning, then this project is right down your alley. Simply fill a small dish, like a ramekin, with coffee beans of your choice and place a tea light in the middle. The heat from the flame will release the coffee bean scent and make your house smell amazing.