8 Tips for Applying Laminate Floor Cleaner 8 Tips for Applying Laminate Floor Cleaner

Using a manufacturer recommended laminate floor cleaner will keep your floors looking like new for many years. Though laminate floors are very durable and attractive, they will not stand up to abuse. You must take care of your laminate floors and keep them clean so that they will grace your home for many more years. Here are some tips for applying laminate floor cleaner.

1 – Use the Right Cleaning Product

To maximize the lifespan of your laminate floors, it is essential to use the correct cleaning products. Never use generic cleaners, because they could seriously damage the flooring or leave stains or discoloration. It is best to use manufacturer recommended cleaners specially made for laminate or to stick with natural remedies such as warm water or vinegar.

2 – Never Use Excessive Water

Never use too much water when you clean laminate floors. In addition to causing streaking, too much water can also damage the floor. It is best to use minimal amounts of water and cleaner to get a streak-free shine.

3 – Remove Dirt before Applying Cleaner

Laminate floors can lose their shine and luster if dirt and dust accumulate on the surface for a long time. You must keep your laminate floors clean at all times to avoid scratching. Before applying laminate floor cleaner, remove all the dirt with a soft vacuum cleaner attachment. Never use vacuum cleaners with beater bars, as they could leave scratches. To avoid dirt streaks, only apply the floor cleaner after the floor is completely clean.

4 – Never Apply Cleaner Directly to the Floor

Laminate floor cleaners are often concentrated and can damage the surface if applied directly. It is important to be very careful when measuring the right quantity of cleaner and diluting it. Apply or spray a small quantity of cleaner on the mop before cleaning the floor.

5 – Follow Attached Instructions for Applying Cleaner

Most commercial laminate cleaners have usage instructions on the bottle. Read them properly before using the cleaner. Wear appropriate safety gear such as gloves to protect your hands from any adverse reactions to the cleaner.

6 – Use a Slightly Damp Mop for Cleaning

Before applying laminate floor cleaner, wring the mop a couple of times and remove all excess water. The mop should only be slightly wet when you clean the floor. Once the floor is dry, it will be shiny and spotless.

7 – Try Vinegar and Rubbing Alcohol

Vinegar is a great natural cleaner that can effectively remove grime, stains and dirt from your laminate floor. Many people have also recognized the cleaning properties of rubbing alcohol, which can be used in combination with vinegar. You can use either of the cleaners independently with water or make a cleaning solution by mixing all 3. Dip the mop in the solution, wring it and then clean the floor. You could also spray the solution on the mop and then clean the floor.

8 – Avoid Abrasive Cleaners, Detergents and Rough Cleaning Materials

Never use rough cleaners such as scrubbing pads or steel wool on your laminate floor. If there are stains on the floor, try applying acetone to remove them. Never use abrasive cleaners or soap detergents on the floor.

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