8 Tips for Keeping Clothes Soft on an Outdoor Clothesline

Drying clothes on an outdoor clothesline may often cause clothes to become less soft and lose some of the fabric softener and other detergents’ perfumes. This is especially the case in windy conditions, constant direct sun rays and dust particles in the air. Here are some tips which can help you prevent this from happening to your clothes.

1. Shake Each Item Vigorously Before Hanging It Up

A basic tip is to shake each item of laundry vigorously prior to hanging it to dry. This will help to eliminate some of the wrinkles, lint and it will also contribute to softer clothes when they dry up.

2. Use Few Clothespins and Good Quality Ones

It is best to use the minimum amount of clothespins possible when hanging a laundry item. The part where the peg is placed will cause a crease on the fabric, resulting in the nearby area to dry in a somewhat desiccated and shriveled manner. It is also important to select good quality clothespins that leave as little marks as possible, and which can retain your clothes fixed to the clothesline without having to fasten several ones next to one another.

3. Avoid Direct Sun’s Rays

It is true that the sun’s heat will make your clothes dry faster. However too much sun will dry up the clothes may cause them, to some extent, to shrivel up. It is important that where possible you use clotheslines which are not exposed to too much sun. You may try to mount a covering tent on top or at a particular angle to allow a breeze to reach the clothes but at the same time deviate slightly the sun’s direct rays. This is especially important in very sunny and hot climates.

4. Do Not Leave the Clothes Outdoors For Longer Than Necessary

Try not to leave the clothes hanging outdoors for longer than necessary. It may be best to bring them back indoors and hang them on an indoor clothes dryer when they are almost totally dry. This will enable them to dispose of the last bit of moisture in calmer conditions rather than being exposed to sun and wind. This will help them to retain a softer feel.

5. Wipe the Clotheslines

It is very important to remember to wipe the clotheslines with a damp cloth prior to hanging the clothes to them. This will help to avoid any stains on the clothes, while eliminating dust particles which may be present. This will help to achieve softer clothes.

6. Keep the Clothespins Clean

From time to time wipe the clothespins you use. It is very important to keep them clean since they will be used to fasten the laundry to the clotheslines, and hence play a direct role in the way clothes dry up.

7. How to Hang Laundry Items

It is important to hang the laundry items neatly. Furthermore in cases of rectangular and squarish items such as tablecloths, towels and bed linen, you should try to hang them from either side in such a way that you will form a sort of bag in the middle. This will help them to retain their softness.

8. Use Good Quality Fabric Softeners

There are various fabric softeners available on the market. It is important to choose a good quality detergent and fabric softener that truly have ingredients that help the clothes to retain their softness. Fabric softeners have lubricating properties and offer electrical conductivity making your laundry feel softer after every wash.

These simple and practical tips will help you keep clothes soft when hanging them on outdoor clotheslines.