8 Tips for Turning Your Bathroom Green

What You'll Need
Baking soda
White Vinegar
Lavender oil
Recycled toilet paper
Exhaust fan
Environmentally friendly shower curtain

Exploring new and effective ways to turn your bathroom into a green, eco-friendly environment has many benefits in terms of your health as well as your contribution to a sustainable ecosystem. Don’t let the sound of that be discouraging; it’s easier than it seems! Here are eight simple steps to use as a guideline.

Tip 1: Use Baking Soda as a Tub/Sink/Shelf Cleaner

Rather than using harmful cleaners, use baking soda and water for a clean finish that works just as good as anything!        

    Tip 2: Spray Shower with a Homemade Mold-fighting Solution 

    By spraying the shower after each use with a homemade eco-friendly solution, you are eliminating mold the natural way and removing the need to buy any chemical/toxic products in the future.  Fill a spray bottle with the following ingredients and keep in shower.

    Water + lavender essential oil

    Tip 3: Cut down on Bathroom Water Use

    • Keep a bucket underneath the sink/shower faucet to catch any unused water and use it to water plants in the house or in the garden.
    • Take shorter showers.
    • Use a low-flow shower head (saving water and energy)

    Using a low-flow shower head used to mean you lost water pressure. It doesn't mean that anymore. The technology behind low-flow shower heads has improved to the point where you can rely on a high pressure shower while saving water at the same time! An energy efficient shower head lessens both the amount of water used and the energy used to heat the water, lowering your heating costs by as much as 50 percent.

    Tip 4: Replace Household Cleaners with Vinegar To Clean Mirrors

    Using a spray bottle, combine water and white vinegar (half water and half white vinegar) and watch your mirrors twinkle! If streaking occurs (caused from the prior use of chemical-laden cleansers) just add less than 1 teaspoon of liquid dish soap and repeat the process.

    Tip 5: Switch to Recycled Toilet Paper

    With the severe rate of rapidly depleting forests, make the switch to recycled toilet paper and save trees!

    Tip 6: Properly Ventilate the Bathroom

    This can be done several ways. Either keep the bathroom window open, keep the bathroom door ajar and/or install an exhaust fan. By properly ventilating the bathroom you are ridding the room of any left over dampness which causes mold growth. If there’s no mold, there’s no reason to buy harmful chemicals to clean the mold!

    Tip 7:  Buy an Eco Friendly Shower Curtain

    It is suggested to use a curtain made from the following materials: Hemp, organic cotton or linen.

    Tip 8: Switch to a low-flow toilet

    One third of our household water goes toward flushing our toilets! Low-flow toilets are designed to save water and use it efficiently saving you money while helping save the environment! If purchasing a new toilet is not in the budget for this year, try using a small milk jug in the tank to cut down on water use.

     That’s it! Now enjoy your eco-friendly bathroom!