8 Types of Chimney Caps

A chimney cap can keep your fireplace safe from the elements, as well as prevent animals from nesting within your chimney. So what are the different types of chimney caps and how are they different? This short guide will walk you through the basics.

#1: Standard Chimney Cap

The standard cap chimney cap is usually mounted in one of three ways.

  • You can mount by screwing it to the base angle of the cap, tightening it to the tile of your flue.
  • If your flue does not rise high enough for that to work, the chimney cap can be mounted to the inside.
  • Some standard chimney caps come with mounting angles, as well as other types of fasteners that help to attach it to your chimney.      


  • Includes side screening, which keeps birds and other animals from nesting in your chimney.
  • Traps large sparks that may find themselves up your flue, and keeps them from getting into your yard and causing fires.
  • Help increase draft when the weather in windy.

#2: Draft Increasing Chimney Cap

The draft increasing chimney cap uses the wind to create stronger updrafts. A chimney cap of this type may cut down on a cross section of the chimney.


  • Can help if your fireplace has problems with drafts.


  • A draft increasing chimney cap that uses spinning turbines can get gummed up with smoke and other deposits from your fireplace.
  • Cross-sectional draft increasing chimney caps may cause problems on fireplaces with an open flame rather than those with stoves attached to the fireplace.

#3: Integral Damper Mechanisms

Meant for older fireplaces that do not have damper mechanisms, a chimney cap with an integral damper mechanism saves energy by preventing cold drafts from coming through your fireplace. This works by running a cable down the inside of the flue to a lever on your fireplace wall.

#4: Electric Draft Increasing Chimney Cap

These devices doubles as both a chimney cap and an electric draft inducer. Electric fans with variable speeds are built into the design, allowing you to control the right amount of draft for your fireplace.


  • This chimney cap is often the solution for draft problems when no other solution is effective.


  • This is the most expensive chimney cap option, with prices ranging from $900 to $2000+.

#5: Customized Chimney Caps

Not all chimney flues are shaped the same, and you may find that you need to have a custom-made chimney cap to fit your chimney.

#6: Single Flue Chimney Cap

Designed for square or small rectangular chimney crowns where the flue sticks up above it, a chimney cap of this size screws to the outside of the flue.

#7: Band-Around Brick Chimney Caps

A chimney cap with this shape attaches to the outside sides of your chimney and covers the entire chimney.

#8: Top Mount Chimney Cap

A chimney cap that attaches to a chimney with screws through a flange into the chimney crown are called top mount chimney caps. Use this type of cap if your flue sticks an inch or more above your chimney crown.

When picking a chimney cap always be sure to consider your needs and the design of your chimney, and choose the one that is right for your chimney.