8 Unique Home Theater Design Ideas

After making the decision to install a home theater, it is necessary to make a proper plan for the implementation of an appropriate home theater design. Consider that you have purchased a 40 inch wide-screen television, a surround on/off speaker system and a DVD player with DTS and Dolby digital sound technology. Now in spite of having the resources you're wondering how to utilize it efficiently to have a feeling of a real theater in your home. The way the components are placed in the room is the backbone for the realistic feel for the theater. Here are 8 unique home theater design ideas:

Idea 1 - Installation of the Outlets

It must be put behind the television so that it can cover the cable wire. You don't want your home theater to look cluttered with exposed wires.

Idea 2 - Darker Room Should be Preferred

If you are using the projector screen or wide screen television then the darker room will give a more intense feel of the theater.

Idea 3 - Use Spacious and Big Cabinets

Avoid keeping the home theater components in a closed cabinet. You should provide them the breathing space as the electronics items produce heat.

Idea 4 - Type and Number of Speakers

There are numerous varieties of speakers available in the market. It is profitable to select the type of speaker and the number of speakers according to the size of the room.

Idea 5 - Use the Universal Remote

It can be complicated to have multiple remotes for the television, speakers, DVD player, etc. Make use of a universal remote to control all of your home theater components.

Idea 6 - Position of the Television

The position the television in the room matters a lot. If it is placed in the corner, then the balance of the sound quality inside the room may not be as efficient as possible.

Idea 7 - Use Sound Proof Panels

It is advisable to make the room sound-proof by using sound-proof panels, so that the echo of the sound may not harm the feel of real home theater.

Idea 8 - Rectangular or Square Space for Speakers:

The positions of the speakers must be such that a balanced sound emerges inside the room. It is advisable to have a rectangular or square space for perfect screening.

Now to make the design more efficient, check the cost required for the design of the home theater. There are some misconceptions that using the services of a home theater designer may cost you a lot. Their experience will help you take advantage of the resources you have to optimize your home theater.