8 Ways to Transform Your Bathroom In One Day

clean bright bathroom sink area by window with plants and towels

Why spend a ton of money and a week’s worth of time on a bathroom remodel when you can refresh your space with just a little elbow grease in the time it takes to catch up on The Mandalorian? We submit for your perusal, a few ideas for your choosing...

1. Change Your Showerhead

An updated showerhead can make your shower feel like a mini vacation. There are a myriad of options available, and easy installation guarantees you won’t be spending the entire afternoon adulting.

Of course, if adulting actually appeals to you, we can't help but be jealous. In that case, the money you’ll be saving with low-flow and energy efficient options will definitely appeal to you. So take your pick and indulge in anything from a relaxing rain shower, a therapeutic massage, to a deluxe spa experience.

rain style showerhead dripping water next to window

2. Get Framed!

If you’ve got a large, simple mirror (a.k.a. the builder’s grade unframed type), consider adding some style by surrounding it with a decorative frame using a frame kit. The kit keeps the job simple so you don’t have to remove it from the wall. Or you could choose to remove the mirror completely, in which case you could replace it with something a bit more artsy. Look at vintage frames or a wide ribbon to securely mount the mirror. Give your sterile bathroom a little more interest and something more to stare at than just your pretty face.

3. Refresh the Caulk

While it does nothing to add style and flair, it does make a huge difference in the overall look of the bathroom. Old caulk can make your bathroom look dingy no matter how often you clean it. Strip the old caulk and get it ready for a new bead that will not only freshen things up, but also keep leaks from damaging the area.

4. Replace the Throne

You do some serious business on this thing. We won’t be so crass to discuss it, so we’ll just say this: make it a place where you can conduct business comfortably and efficiently, giving your “Throne Room” a look worthy of the name.

5. Add a Bidet

toilet bidet seat control panel

And since we mentioned the throne, consider this luxury addition. Don’t worry, you won’t need extra floor space given to them in European bathrooms. Thanks to modern innovation, you can find bidets that fit on the toilet, offering serious perks like a warmed and cushioned seat, air dry feature, self-cleaning options, etc. Just think—after a few minor plumbing connections and a quick input to an electrical outlet, you’ll have the cleanest a$$ on the block.

6. Make it Spa Style

It’s your space, but if it’s also a place you use to get some much-needed alone time, enhance that feeling with accessories that call to mind images (or fantasies) of your last spa date. Gather up those items cluttering your countertops and display them in durable rattan baskets.

Roll up washcloths and towels and display them on shelves. Keep like or similar items together to keep it looking tidy. If rattan or wicker baskets aren’t your thing, we also love the look of clear glass in the bathroom--but only if you’re not prone to butterfingers.

7. Freshen up the Hardware

Whether it’s bright and shiny, brushed and matte, or kooky and different, it doesn’t matter because something new and eye catching will do a lot to change your feelings about the dated hardware that’s become so mundane you don’t even notice them.

8. Green It Up

No, we don't mean paint, though we have nothing against green paint in bathrooms--as long as it's the right green. Green in the form of houseplants brings nature inside and gives the space a sense of calm.

You can find many varieties of houseplants that thrive indoors, including those that appreciate the low/diffused light and high humidity of a bathroom. If floor and counter space are difficult to come by, try going vertical (we did say to Green it Up, didn't we?) Attach ceiling hooks for hanging planters, or install shelving mounted on vertical tension rods for added space.

And voila! A mini bathroom makeover in under a day, just in time to catch the sunset.