8 Wonderful Benefits of a Pool Water Ionizer

A close-up of a clean, in ground pool during the summer.

A pool water ionizer is a device that releases positively charged silver and copper ions into your pool. These ions kill the microscopic organisms such as algae, bacteria, and fungi in the water. As such, there are several benefits to using a pool water ionizer.

1. Better Filtration

Most pools get dirty because of the presence of minuscule particles in the water. These particles can be too tiny to be filtered out and instead remain circulating. The positive copper and silver ions emitted from the pool water ionizer bind with these particles, which are negatively charged, making them large enough to be weeded out with filtration.

2. Kills Algae and Bacteria

The ionizer also emits a small current, which is highly effective in killing the microorganisms in the pool water. This removes the presence of algae, bacteria, viruses, and fungi in your pool, making it safer for you to enjoy.

3. Minimizes Requirement for Chlorine

Since a pool water ionizer is effective in tackling algae and bacteria in most swimming pools, the need for chlorine to cleanse the water is minimized. To improve sanitation, you may still want to add small amounts of chlorine, but in most cases, the amount required will be so small in quantity that it cannot even be detected by swimmers.

4. Keeps Pool Looking Better, Longer

With an ionizer in use, you can enjoy clean and clear water in your swimming pool. You do not have to worry about the odor of chlorine and other chemicals, and since the water stays cleaner, longer, the amount maintenance you have to do is reduced.

5. Better for the Pool Components

Over time, chlorine and other chemicals can react with the components in the pool, metal or otherwise, and cause corrosion and chemical reactions that degrade the materials over time. By using a pool water ionizer to take some of the need for chemicals away, you can maintain your these components in great condition for a long time.

6. Safe for the Skin and Eyes

Most swimmers complain of dry, itchy skin, rashes, and burning sensation in the eyes after swimming. The culprit behind all these problems is chlorine, which is added generously to pool water to keep it clean. As mentioned earlier, when you use a pool ionizer, you require minimal chlorine, which makes the water safer for people who are sensitive to it.

7. Harmless to Humans and Pets

Water pool ionizers pass a mild current through the water, which is not tangible to humans and animals. Therefore, your pool is safe for everybody to use, and you won’t have to worry as much about pets drinking the pool water when unattended.

8. Saves Money in the Long Run

When you use a pool water ionizer, you do not have to spend money buying as much chlorine and other chemicals, which are harmful to your health and the environment. Over a long term, you save more money with the use of a good pool water ionizer that is appropriately sized for your pool and properly maintained.