80's Bedroom Furniture: Loft Redesigning Tips 80's Bedroom Furniture: Loft Redesigning Tips

The 1980s were all about fun, color, layering, and experimentation with patterns. You can use all of these elements when designing a retro 80s bedroom furniture loft space.

One fun way to create a retro 80s look in your bedroom furniture loft living space is to find 80s toy inspired furniture and design accessories. For example, there are coffee tables that look like giant Rubik’s Cubes and coffee tables that look like they have been topped with the colorful candy dots from the 80s.

Mirrors can also be used to create a very 80s look in your loft. You can use mirror panels and tiles to create a wall of mirrors in your loft. This will make the space look bigger and give your loft a retro look.

Color is what is going to bring together your 80s retro loft design. Florescent colors were big during the 1980s so go wild with hot pink, hot green, electric blue and fluorescent yellow. Since these colors are so bold and bright you will want to use them as accent colors. For example, you can use these colors in rugs, lamp shades and throw pillows. To complete the look of your loft add a black light lamp to really make your florescent accents glow in the dark.

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