9 Advantages to Owning a Pipe Guard

A pipe guard is simple to install, and will offer many benefits. Pipe guards can be used in any area where a pipe is exposed. Some types of guards can be installed underground, helping to save shallow pipes from common damage. Here are just a few reasons a pipe guard is a good idea.

External Pipe Guards

  • Advantage 1 - External pipe guards will keep exposed pipes safe from external damage.
  • Advantage 2 - Can increase safety in large warehouses or industrial settings by making the protruding pipe clear and easy to see.
  • Advantage 3 - Industrial guards will protect pipes from large vehicles.

Many homes have pipes that are exposed. If you have a basement that is only partially finished, it's not uncommon to see exposed pipes running along the walls. Exposed pipes can also be found on the exterior of many homes and buildings. Anytime a pipe is exposed, it can be subjected to wear and tear that it wouldn't ordinarily have. Adding a pipe guard to these exposed pipes can protect the pipe from dents and dings. Dents and dings can lead to rust, which will eat away at the pipe. Pipe guards can be found for exposed pipes for both interior and exterior use. Exterior guards will be made of a more durable material and made to withstand weather. Interior guards can be found for industrial purposes to protect the pipes from damage caused by heavy machinery or vehicles. The advantages of external pipe guards are numerous.

Mechanical Pipe Guards

  • Advantage 4 - Programmable models allow for water regulation, reducing overall water bills.
  • Advantage 5 - These will automatically detect leaks and cut the water supply off to the pipe, minimizing potential water damage.
  • Advantage 6 - Mechanical pipe guards can have the settings changed easily to allow for varying water pressure.

Another type of pipe guard is a mechanical guard. These aren't designed to protect the pipe from external damage. Rather these are designed to detect flow and temperature and automatically shut the water off if a problem is detected. These types of guards offer several key advantages.

Underground Pipe Guards

Sometimes it's unavoidable to sink a pipe in shallow ground. This can be seen when a home upgrade is made and the ground simply can not be penetrated deep enough to sink a pipe. Drainpipes are another problem. They need to be run in areas where poor drainage is occurring, and this can be seen in parking lots and over cemented areas where sinking isn't possible. Even if a pipe can be sunk, but rests near the top of the ground, the pipe is going to be subjected to damage. Pipe guards can be purchased that are designed specifically for ground pipes. The advantages of these types of guards are well worth the investment.

  • Advantage 7 - Buried pipe guards will protect the pipe from excess pressure and weight from vehicles.
  • Advantage 8 - These types of pipe guards create a safer atmosphere, by making these pipes more visible.
  • Advantage 9 - Underground pipe guards can protect the pipes from trees or shrubs that root deeply, reducing the damage to the pipe.