9 Basic Band Saw Safety Tips

Whenever you use a band saw you should always take band saw safety very seriously because you can literally lose a body part, cause blindness from trauma, or even lose your life if an artery is severed and bleeding isn’t controlled. When you strictly follow safety rules, you can ensure safe handling of a band saw, and prevent traumatic injury.

1. Pay Close Attention

When you are cutting with a band saw you need to pay close attention to what you are doing. Avoid singing and dancing along to music, talking to someone next to you, or allowing any horsing around next to you.

If someone else is cutting, do not interrupt them. Always pay attention when it is one whether you are using it or not.

2. Keep all Guards in Place and of Proper Length

Guards are in place for a reason. Removing the guards will remove a needed barrier between your hand and the saw. If your hand slips, you’ll want to hit the guard and not the saw. Guards also keeps the blade stable.

Ensure blade guards are within 1/8” and ¼” to the stock. Anything over ¼” not only reduces the accuracy of the cut but will lead to an accident because of more saw exposed.

3. Handle the Stock with Care

Make sure the stock keeps flat and secure on the table. You should never hold the stock up and try to cut it. Cutting material in the air will likely cause your hand to slip and jam into the saw.

Avoid using round stock without a miter gauge since they may roll up the blade and cause an accident.

4. Never Leave the Band Saw On

When you are done with the band saw, shut it off. Never leave a band saw unattended when it is turned on.

5. Keep Band Saw Area Clean

Tools, wires, scrap wood, garbage, or anything on the floor around the band saw will lead to a devastating accident.

6. Keep Hands in a Safe Position

The stock should never be held in the position of the saw blade. Instead, hold it on the sides. If he stock slips forward because the blade cuts faster than expected, your hand won’t be jammed into the blade. Your fingers should be several inches from the blade and keep hands away from the table insert. If you’re cutting small stock then be sure you use a guiding stick.

7. Wear Safety Equipment

Safety glasses will protect your eyes from flying debris that is shot with extreme speed from the fast moving blade. 

8. No Loose Clothing

Loose closing will be easily caught into the blade and pull your arm toward it. Short sleeves shirts are the most ideal.

9. Know First Aid

All possible measures should be taken to prevent injury. However, accidents will happen. You could prevent further damage or even death if you know how to properly treat a deep cut. A lot of blood can be lost if your arteries in your wrist are severed.  Amputated fingers need to be properly handled for any hope for reattachment. Infection can also be prevented if the cut is kept cleaned properly. All these measure are covered with basic first-aid training.