9 Creative Fence Ideas

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Morph your simple barriers into statement pieces with these creative fence ideas! They'll elevate the look and feel of your property, increase curb appeal, and even boost resale value.

1. Artistic Mural

If you love to draw or paint, why not add some color to your plain fence? Create a mural that speaks to you and enhances your yard. It can be of anything—a landscape portrait, abstract art, or even something you change seasonally.

2. Flower Wall

Imagine a part of your fence featuring lush and gorgeous flowers that bloom year after year. You can create your own flower wall on your fence with some work, creativity, and commitment to its care.

Choose flowers in either neutral or bright tones, or maybe mix the two! This will be an eye-catching feature in your yard that will quickly become a selfie backdrop for you and your visitors.

3. Plant Wall

If flowers aren’t really your thing, why not opt for a plant wall instead? A vertical garden can feature any greenery you like, even herbs that can be harvested for cooking and consumption.

4. Chalkboard Fence

Especially if you have kiddos around, a chalkboard fence is bound to be a hit. Use wooden boards with a couple coats of chalkboard paint to replace part of your fence. It won't take long for it to get filled with artwork.

child with chalkboard fence

5. Bottle Holder Fence

Do you find yourself with seemingly endless empty wine bottles that you don’t want to let go of? Use them to jazz up a plain fence.

Cut holes just large enough to hold the tops, then put bottles in there (top down) diagonally for an interesting aesthetic. You could also opt to spray paint these bottles or take their labels off prior to inserting.

6. Shutter Fence

Take old shutters and upcycle them to be a creative fence! These can be varied in height and color—you may even choose to paint them yourself. These look great fresh and new or slightly distressed.

7. Bird House Fence

Looking for a unique fence that brings more wildlife to your yard? Turn each individual wood picket into a place for birds to visit! Give each a perch, roof, and peep hole and birds will soon be flocking to you fence area.

colorful birdhouses along a fence

8. Picture Perfect Fence

A simple and inexpensive way to jazz up a plain fence is to spray paint some old picture frames. Then, hang them up as if they’re creating a gallery wall on your fence.

Use different shapes, styles, colors, and designs to create a quirky conversation piece in your yard. If you want to take this idea to the next level, consider planting flowers or succulents inside one or more of these frames for a mini plant wall on your fence. This playful structure is easy to make and maintain.

9. Tool Holding Fence

Make your fence multifunctional by adding pegs to hang gardening tools on your fence. From sheets, to a hand saw, to a pitchfork, these can be placed in an artful way that adds allure and rustic charm. Plus, this puts the tools in easy reach when you need them.

What kind of fence are you working on? Let us know in a comment below or share your progress in the DoItYourself Projects section!