9 Dangers of Electronic Dog Training Collars

Electronic dog training collars have been in use for many decades. In the past, these systems were relatively unsophisticated and dangerous. Though the training collars made today are considered much safer, many people still think of them as inhumane. Before you consider the use of an electronic dog training collar, consider the following dangers and drawbacks of this type of training device and method.

1 – Physical Pain

Electronic dog training collars have different levels of pain stimuli. Some may deliver a vibration, whereas others may deliver a painful jolt. Some users that have tested electronic collars have found the pain to be unbearable at some higher levels. Many people agree that it is inhumane to subject any animal to this kind of pain.

2 – Risk of Burns and Injury

An electronic collar can sometimes cause serious injury to the dog, especially if the owner is unsure of how to use the device or if there is a malfunction. One of the most common physical side effects is burnt skin or fur. Severe shocks can also cause long term damage to the internal organs.

3 – Increased Levels of Stress

When a dog is subjected to electric shocks at random intervals, he becomes unsure of his surroundings. If there is a mistake or if the shock is repeatedly administered, the dog may begin to live in a constant state of fear. This can severely damage the dog’s psychological setup.

4 – Chances of Increased Aggression

The purpose of a shock collar is to enable the dog to associate the pain or jolt with a restricted activity. However, the dog may associate the pain with any other random object in the vicinity, or even a young child or a passerby. When the dog associates people with the feeling of pain, he becomes more aggressive towards them. Electronic dog collars have been shown to increase levels of aggression in most dogs.

5 – Possibility of Malfunctioning

An electronic dog training collar is prone to malfunctioning from time to time, just like any other device. Sometimes it may not work at all, whereas at other times it may deliver a severe shock to your dog. There is no way of knowing this until it is too late.

6 – Dog Feels Unsafe Around You

If you are always in the vicinity when the dog receives a shock, he will begin to mistrust and fear you. This will hamper the relationship you can have with your pet.

7 – Higher Chances of Dog Running Loose

When a dog receives shocks in a certain area, he may try to escape from there. The dog may leave your backyard and bear the shock one time. There is no initiative to return and as a result, you may lose your dog.

8 – May Alarm Passersby and Drivers

A large dog that is restricted by an electric fence looks like an unrestrained dog to passersby. This can cause fear and anxiety in people in the vicinity.

9 – Collar May Accidentally Be Triggered by Electronic Devices

Sometimes, devices such as the television, radio or even your car battery may accidentally trigger the electronic dog training collar. This will add to the dog's stress levels and aggression.