9 DIYs for Your Vacation Home

A house drawn in the sand with ocean water washing up toward it.

You want your vacation home to be as aesthetically pleasing and comfortable as possible. After all, this is your remote getaway to escape the hassles of everyday life. Fortunately, there are a few DIY projects that can transform your vacation home into the dream getaway you've always wanted. Whether it’s making the outdoors a space to enjoy or remodeling the shower, here are nine DIYs for your vacation home.

1. Install Dimmers for Ambiance and Money Savings

Updating the lighting in your vacation home can lead to a more enjoyable and relaxing stay. Add lighting in areas that are too dark to help illuminate spaces and install dimmer switches in areas where you may need less intense lighting. Not only will this improve your visibility at all hours of the day or night, but lighting fixtures like dimmers will also save you money in the long run.

2. Create New Curb Appeal With Paint and Plants

The front door is a big part or the overall look of your vacation home. If your vacation getaway is hurting in the curb appeal department, consider updating the front door with new paint and complimentary hardware. You can also add address numbers above the door or a pot of flowers for an added touch.

3. Refresh Outdoor Furniture With Spray Paint

A white chair being spray painted pink.

A new color of paint can do wonders for an outdoor space. If your outdoor furniture is old and in need of a makeover, consider spray painting it instead of purchasing something new. Spray painting can lead to surprising results and is less intensive than traditional painting or wood staining. Just make sure you clean the surface and apply a primer where necessary. You can also use chrome paint to improve the look of metal furniture.

4. Paint the Perimeters of Rooms

Painting rooms a new color is an obvious way to freshen up a home, but you can also breathe new life into a space by painting the floorboards and door jambs. These colors should complement the walls and ceilings. You might consider adding crown molding to some rooms to really liven up the place.

5. Build an Outdoor Towel Rack With PVC Pipe

If your vacation home is near a beach or has an outdoor pool, then finding a place to hang a towel outside can be an issue. Instead of hanging wet towels on any and every available space, construct a towel rack in a convenient location. You can build one of these handy devices with a few PVC pipes and connectors.

6. Freshen up the Shower on the Cheap

A man applying grout on a tile shower wall.

You want your vacation home to be as comfortable as possible, and few things are worse than an outdated shower. Instead of remodeling the entire bathroom, regrouting the shower can create a cleaner and healthier environment without breaking the budget. Also consider adding an energy efficient shower head to complete the project.

7. Soften Rooms With New Curtains

Adding new window treatments can completely transform a room. If your home has plastic blinds, then it’s probably time for replacements. Hanging curtains above the window frame is a great alternative to traditional blinds. They allow natural light inside during the day and create a softer look for the space. While you're at it, this is a good time to repaint or restain the window frame for a more completed look.

8. Frame the Bathroom Mirror

You can really improve the look of your bathroom by framing the mirror in wood. This is a simple process and you can paint or stain the wood frame any color you like. Use 1x4s for the wood frame and cut them to size using a hand saw with a miter box or a miter saw. Connect the pieces together with wood glue and staples and install around the mirror.

9. Adorn Cabinets With New Hardware

White cabinets with modern hardware.

Adding new hardware to kitchen cabinets is a simple project that can add a really nice touch without breaking the bank. Updating hardware only takes a screwdriver and a bit of time, and will pay off in the long run. If you are feeling really ambitious, you can install soft-close hinges on cabinet and pantry doors.