9 Easy Steps to Make Tab Top Curtains

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Fabric marking pen
Sewing machine

Tab top curtains not only look sophisticated and stylish, but they are surprisingly easy to make as well. By following the 9 easy steps below you can easily customize your home with your own personal style by adding some homemade tab top curtains. Tab top curtains are fun and easy to make. You can create the tabs with ribbon or fabric, the ideas are limitless. Once you have created your personalized tab top curtains make sure to check the web for great ideas on how to make your own curtain rods as well. The steps below include directions on how to make tab top curtains that have a liner. The liner will make the curtain more professional looking, add visual interest to the window, and help the exterior curtain fabric to not fade out as quickly. Of course, you can leave the liner out if you need to, just skip the part about the liner and follow all other directions.

Step 1 - Measure Width

Measure the window that will house your new tab top curtain. Add 4 inches to the total measurement to allow for a 2 inch seam on the entire curtain.

Step 2 - Measure Length

Measure the length and double the measurement to ensure that you get the right amount of fabric. You will want to add 4 inches to this measurement as well to allow for a 2 inch seam throughout the curtain.

Step 3 - Marking the Fold

In order to create 2 panels for each window you will need to fold each piece of fabric that is destined to become a curtain in half and leave a mark on the fold.

Step 4 - Separating Panels

Now you will cut the fabric along the fold mark. This will give you 2 panels for each window. Make sure you do the same for the liner fabric and the exterior curtain fabric.

Step 5 - Sewing Liner to Curtain

Place together one lining panel and one curtain panel and sew them together with the right sides facing out. Make sure to leave a 2 inch seam throughout, with the exception of the top. Do not sew the top of the curtain. Repeat this for all panels.

Step 6 - Hemming the Top

Now you want to make a place along the top for your tabs. Fold down the still-open-top to create your hem. You do this by folding the fabric inward and then making a 2 inch hem across the top.

Step 7 - Marking for Your Tabs

Use your measuring tape and a fabric marking pen to mark every 2 inches along the top hem of the curtain. This is where your tabs are going to go.

Step 8 - Making the Tabs

You can use either ribbon or thinly cut fabric to make your tabs. The tabs should be 5 inch strips of fabric and you need one for every 2 inches across the top of your curtain.

Step 9 - Attach the Tabs

Sew your tabs across the top at your marked spots, making sure to leave them open for the curtain rod to pass through.