9 Eco Friendly Outdoor Tools

old fashioned red hand roller lawn mower on grass

If you like saving money while helping the planet, take an inventory of your landscaping and gardening supplies to see if they're as eco friendly as they could be. Believe it or not, there are many environmentally positive tools that can make both your yard and planet Earth a better place.

1. Hand Cultivator

Weeding is a less than desirable task in your yard, but alas, it must be done! A hand cultivator makes this dreaded task easier, and it also is an eco friendly as it aerates the soil and allows you to mix compost with the substance. Additionally, any tool that allows you to kill weeds without herbicides is a win for the ecosystem.

2. Wheelbarrow

In order to go easier on your body when doing yard work, it’s wise to invest in a wheelbarrow. It’s also useful for the planet, too. This is because wheelbarrows allow you to easily move compost and leaves around. Wheelbarrows are also useful in transporting plants and bushes to be added to your yard or relocated.

3. Bamboo Rake

A bamboo rake is a more eco friendly take on a traditional rake that is more earth friendly while remaining sturdy enough to get the job done. Rakes are necessary especially in the fall, to help collect fallen leaves. It also is necessary throughout other seasons to clean grass clippings and to assist in spreading mulch.

bamboo rake dragging leaves off a grass lawn

4. Garden Hose Filter

Not everyone realizes that garden hoses may be expelling water that is not particularly safe for drinking or for your plants. A filter that goes on the end of a garden hose works to remove harmful chemicals that damage plants and the earth, so this is an outdoor must-have.

5. Drainage Hole Cover

Drainage hole covers are used inside of garden pots to help curb excess water use. These aid in this effort by helping plants absorb and maintain water levels, preventing the unnecessary drainage of water out of the bottom of pots and containers. Saving water in your yard is one of the most effective ways to do good for planet, as an abundance of water goes to waste watering plants every year.

6. Reel Lawn Mower

Reel lawn mowers are a great tool for smaller lawns or those that don’t need to be cut very often. This outdoor tool is thought to be old fashioned, but today’s models are able to catch grass, adjust the height, and better cut blades, which debunks the theory that they’re outdated. Since this tool is power free and doesn’t use gas or electricity, it’s cited to be highly eco-friendly. Bonus points are given to models with grass catchers, as this convenience allows users to use the clippings in compost piles.

red hand roller lawn mower

7. Pruning and Garden Shears

Pruning and garden shears make it easier to cut off dead flowers and stems, get at hard to reach plants, trim branches, and pruning trees. Doing this with shears instead of with an electric tool like a weed wacker is better for the planet and can allow for more precise cutting, too. It can also prompt the growth of more healthy plants in your yard.

8. Bamboo Stakes

In case you haven’t realized by now, bamboo is a material that is highly sustainable. That means that replacing traditional garden stakes with a bamboo alternative is a good way to make your yard more nature friendly. Bamboo is a renewable product that is biodegrades much faster than plastic, wood, or metal. Install these in your garden to help your plants grow and climb. Keep in mind that to extend the life of your stakes, you should store them inside during cold winter.

upcycled planters made from drawers and clay

9. Recycled Raised Beds

There are many options as far as raised beds go that are made out of recycled materials. These are a fabulous eco friendly option for your yard and garden. These are more earth friendly and also boast the benefit of being more durable and long-lasting than traditional raised beds. Recycled plastic raised beds are easy to assemble and look great in your yard, making them a no-brainer.

The responsible thing to do in your yard is invest time, energy, and money into ensuring that the tools and materials used are eco-friendly for a greener and healthier planet. Remember that even the smallest changes go a long way.