9 Fancy Features of Custom Showers 9 Fancy Features of Custom Showers

A shower can be much more than a place to wash your hair and body. In fact, custom showers can serve as a place to relax and let the stress of the day wash away. Step right into paradise and feel as if you were on a vacation thanks to all of the bells and whistles that you have added to customize your shower.

Whether it is a special showerhead that rains down in a particular way or shiny new hardware, there are many options to update your shower. Some things you can install yourself and others you might need to hire a professional.

First start out by asking what kind of look you are trying to achieve and then follow accordingly with design, style, colors, etc. so everything in the bathroom blends, For example, if your sink faucets are bronze, be sure you do the same in the shower.

Here are 9 ideas for a custom shower to get you started.

Feature #1: Enclosed Paradise

Get rid of an old shower curtain and replace it with an enclosed one; maybe glass or stone. A professional can help install and design a look that works best for you and your budget.

Feature #2: Shower Heads

Remove the former shower head with something new and exciting like one that detaches from the shower and is hand-held or body sprayer. Or, simply replace the older version of a plain showerhead with one in a new color, size or metal like pewter, stainless steel or bronze for an updated look.

Feature #3: Other Hardware

Install new shower hot and cold knobs that have seen better days. The latest trends are unpolished metals that look rustic and worn. Match towel racks and toiler paper holder with the same metal hardware to blend.

Feature #4: Tiles Galore

Think about completely replaced in older tile with some more vibrant, exiting and luxurious. There are tiles in a myriad of colors, shades, patterns and shapes that can make your shower stand up and sing along with you when you are showering.

Feature #5: Soap Holders

Just changing the dated soap older with something new can give the shower and added lift along with a new inside rack in the same tone for holding shampoos and other shower toiletries.

Feature #6: Suddenly Steam

You can take a steam in your very own shower with a steam generator that produces enough steam to make you feel like you are at a day spa. Great for pores and skin.

Feature #7: Designer Drains

Add a new drain plate that is intricate or has a pattern so when you look down at your feet, you see something beautiful. Some drain covers are produced in polished metals and add an instant beauty,

Feature #8: Music Waves

Le there be music while bathing; install a waterproof stereo system and let the tunes free. Singing in the shower never felt so good.

Feature #9: Spa Experience

Instead of a regular showerhead, think about installing jets like a spa but rather than horizontally, install them vertically. Hydro-power is one of the best ways to relax tired muscles.

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