9 Guidelines For Building a Rooftop Deck

Do you own your own home and are considering the idea of building a rooftop deck for your home? Understand that this can be a very big challenge if you are planning to do this on your own and without any help from a professional. Before you even get started on the actual building of the deck, there are some important guidelines that you should consider for the project. Nine of them are listed below.  

Guideline 1 - Have the Right Roofing Material

The most important thing you should consider is the material that your roof is made out of. Is your roof covered in tiles or terra cotta tiles? If so, you might want to stop the idea of building the deck before you even have the plans drawn up. The ideal material would be a flat concrete roof.

Guideline 2 - Think about the Weather

The next thing you need to consider is the weather and how much pounding and abuse does your roof take especially in the winter.

Guideline 3 - Plan the Project

After you have decided that weather is not a danger, you should next sit down and make up your plan on paper so that you will have something to guide you along as you are working on the deck.

Guideline 4 - Think about the Codes

Before ordering supplies and materials to build your deck, it is very important that you find out what the building codes are in your area. Different areas of the same city might have different building codes and regulations.

Guideline 5 - Get the Right Amount of Materials

After you have been assured that you can build your deck, now is the time to decide what colors you want and what you want the deck flooring to be made of. Once you have decided this, from your plan you will need to figure out how much of this material you will need. Once that is accomplished it is time to go and buy your materials to begin your project.

Guideline 6 - Plan for a Smooth Transition

If it is at all possible, the design and materials involved in this project should be well planned out so that the transition from inside of the house to the outside is a smooth transition. You should want the deck to be an extension of your home, not a separate entity.

Guideline 7 - Waterproof the Roof

Once the deck has been built, it is very important that you make sure to waterproof the entire deck. The last thing you want to happen to your deck is for it wear out in just a couple of years.

Guideline 8 - Get Coordinating Furniture

Pick out furniture that will compliment the outdoor deck. The furniture should not only be attractive but comfortable and inviting.

Guideline 9 - Spice Things Up with Plants

Once the furniture has been chosen and placed on the deck, the final thing you might want to do is to include a potted garden. Choose plants that will give you some sort of interest and life all year round. Make sure you have plants that flower at different times of the year as well as including some that stay green year round.

    Other Considerations

    One more important point to remember is if you have not done a lot of do it yourself type of work, building a rooftop deck should not be a project you should start with. Make sure you look into hiring a local contractor to help you with the project.