9 Jigsaw Operation Tips and Techniques

If you have never used a jigsaw before and you are embarking on your first major DIY project, you may feel happier if you have some tips on how to use your new jigsaw.

Tip 1 – Directions for Use

Having taken your new jigsaw out of the box, it is important to read the instructions. Basic power tool safety should always be observed as jigsaws can be highly dangerous. Always wear safety glasses when operating machinery or power tools to reduce the risk of personal injury.

Tip 2 – Assembling

To assemble your jigsaw, check the type of fitting you have for the blade. Some have a small hex key that turns a tiny nut next to the blade slot. Others have a chuck style fitting. Make sure the blade is secured very tightly before you operate the jigsaw. Give the blade a tug with your fingers to ensure that it does not slip straight out of the slot.

Tip 3 – Protection Guard

Fix the plastic guard that accompanied your new jigsaw over the front into the small placement groove. It should hold it in place and protect your eyes from sawdust or shards of wood which fly up when working on your project.

Tip 4 – Testing

Let us assume that you have a small project ready and you need to use your jigsaw to cut a piece of wood. Mark the edge where the blade will enter and measure the length you need to cut into the wood. If you are cutting a right angle from one corner, measure from each edge and draw a pencil line joining both points together.

Tip 5 – Securing the Wood

Make sure your piece of wood is securely attached to your work surface and that there is nothing underneath the wood that will also get cut by the blade.

Tip 6 – Using your Jigsaw

Always make certain that you have enough length of cord to move your jigsaw in the direction you wish to cut. Use an extension cord if the outlet is further away from your work area.

Tip 7 – Holding the Jigsaw

Always hold the jigsaw with a firm grip and keep it horizontal to the work surface you are cutting. If you loosen your grip on the jigsaw while it is switched on, you may cause serious injury to yourself.

Tip 8 – Keeping it Upright

Do not try to slant the jigsaw blade away from the perpendicular angle at which it should be used. Doing so can cause the blade to snap mid-way through your project. Keep the blade flat against the wood at all time.

Tip 9 – Cutting

Place the jigsaw blade next to the mark you have made on the edge of the wood and line the blade up. Keeping it flat, place a hand on the wood (keeping it a safe distance from the approaching blade) and steady the wood you are cutting. Turn on the jigsaw using the trigger mechanism and proceed to cut your corner piece.