9 Must-Have Tools Every Renter Needs at Home

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“Oh, the landlord will fix that.” That’s probably a thought that went through your head as you were signing the lease to your new rental. For major things such as a leak or heat going out, you can and should expect your landlord to take care of it. But for other things like changing a light bulb or hanging a picture… well, you’re on your own.

As a handy adult (or at least one that pretends to be), you should have a set of tools ready for when minor things go awry. Here’s our must-own tool list:


A ladder will come in handy for any project – big or small. If you’re looking to hang up shelves way up high or just get those rarely used dish pieces way up on the top shelf, not having a ladder will have you kicking yourself. Get one that allows you to reach the ceiling and that’s narrow enough to tuck away. And if you can’t tuck it away, there’s always one of these ideas.


hanging up picture frames

Remember that cool wall gallery you planned on hanging up? Well, you’ll have a hard time hanging it without a hammer to complete the job. You can even put your hammer to use on furniture. If a dresser drawer is coming apart, lightly tap your hammer on the joint to push it back into place.


An allen wrench won’t solve all your furniture problems. Sometimes you need a legitimate screwdriver. Since nail heads come with two different indentations, you’ll need at least one flathead and one Phillips screwdriver.


Drill, baby, drill! Okay, maybe you don’t want to drill everything. But when it comes to mounting things on your wall, a drill is a must-have if you don’t want your items to keep falling down. Better yet, invest in an all-in-one electric drill. This way you have your screwdriver and drill all in one space-saving tool.


Ever hear the phrase, “Measure twice, cut once”? This proves that even the most professional handymen and women need to measure everything. A long ruler or measuring tape will help you for basic projects. It’s particularly handy when decorating, so you know how much space you have and what will fit.


level against wall

Wall art, anyone? Whether you’re hanging paintings or shelves, a level will help you keep them as aligned as possible. Because the last thing you need is to hang up some shelves to show off your awesome camera display, just to have them sliding down to one side.

Wall Anchors

Speaking of walls, we suggest you invest in wall anchors and keep some extras lying around. Unless you plan on nailing everything into a wall stud, you risk damaging both your wall and your hanging item. Without wall anchors to hold the nail in place, heavier items can fall down and leave a large hole in your drywall.


This is one of those tools that you don’t think you need until you actually need it. If your power goes out or even if you’re just trying to look in the farthest corner of your closet, a flashlight will come in handy. Keep your flashlight in an accessible place so when you need it, it’s readily available.


scissors and herbs

Every household should have scissors, preferably multiple pairs, since sometimes they’re never quite where you think they’ll be. For a simple projects such as cutting paper or trimming loose threads off your furniture, you’ll be grateful to have a pair or two lying around.