9 Safety Tips for Using Granite Showers

Granite showers are growing in popularity because they add an elegant, sophisticated touch to any bathroom. These showers, though expensive, improve the value of the property as well. Granite is long lasting, tough and beautiful. However, the smooth, glossy surface of granite tiles in a shower can lead to accidents because of slips and falls. With some extra precaution, you can protect yourself from injury and enjoy your granite shower every day.

Avoid Flimsy Glass Shower Doors

Whenever you take a bath in a granite shower or any other type of shower, there is always a small risk of slippage. In such cases, you may land on the shower door, which ends up taking your entire body weight. A flimsy glass door will break and shatter pieces all around, causing you greater injury. It is therefore advisable to use shatterproof glass or plastic on your shower doors.

Use a Bath Mat

A bath mat, when placed inside a shower stall or bathtub, greatly reduces the chances of slippage. Ensure that you purchase a bath mat of good quality, which will remain attached firmly even when the floor is wet or slippery.

Use Bath Rugs

A bath rug, placed outside the shower area is a great help because it reduces the chances of water damage and also protects you from slips and falls. After you finish your bath, spend a few seconds drying your feet on the bath rug before you move. Walking with wet feet around a bathroom will most likely result in a fall.

Install a Bathtub Rail

A bathtub rail is very useful, especially for older people. You can find bathtub rails of many types and sizes. Install one that is perfect for your bathtub. Hold the rail when you get into the tub or out of it.

Install Grab Bars

A grab bar is another handy tool that prevents falls. One of the main reasons for shower accidents is that people hold on to the towel rod, shower door or curtain rod for balance. These objects, which are not meant to take heavy weight, may come apart, resulting in serious injuries. The use of a grab bar or bathtub rail alleviates such dangers.

Avoid Rushing Your Showers

Though the idea of quick showers is good for conservation of water and energy, rushing through a shower can also lead to falls. Take your time in the shower, especially if you are feeling unwell.

Keep the Tub or Shower Cubicle Clean

Buildup of soap scum and mildew in a shower makes it slippery and increases the chances of falls. By cleaning your granite shower regularly and keeping it dry most of the time, you can make it safer as well.

Install Bathtub Chairs for Elderly People

Elderly people usually have some trouble entering and exiting bathtubs. Using special bathtub chairs makes the process much more comfortable and safe. These chairs are designed in such a way that you can sit on them and then gradually slide the chair into the bathtub.

Avoid Showering after Taking Heavy Medication

If you have taken medication that makes you drowsy, avoid using your granite shower. You are at greater risk of falling or passing out in the shower because of the heat.