9 Tips for Proper Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance

a woman vacuuming a cream colored area rug

Like all machinery, vacuum cleaners work best when well maintained. It is also helpful to use them properly. Here are some tips that will give your vacuum maximum performance and longevity.

1. Always Read The Owner’s Manual

Whenever you have a new machine you should always read the owner’s manual carefully. There will be many hints and tips for getting the best use and longest effective life from your machine.

2. Don’t Use Vacuums to Clean up Everything

a broken glass and red wine on a wood floor

It is a bad habit to use a vacuum cleaner as the only tool in the house to pick up rubbish. Before using the vacuum use a broom and dustpan to remove the most obvious dirt and debris. Unless you have a wet/dry canister cleaner you should never pick up damp or wet items, and never water or juices that have been spilled.

3. Use the Right Settings

Most vacuum cleaners have height settings for different surfaces. Having a vacuum set too low when in use on a carpet can lead to extra pressure on the motor and brush roller. You should also make use of the correct accessories for special circumstances. For example, don’t use the carpet cleaning head for a wooden floor.

4. Regularly Check For Built-Up Dirt

Some parts of a vacuum cleaner accumulate dirt. Areas around the brush roller can get caked with dirt which should be cleaned off regularly. The brush roller should be cleaned frequently. It is particularly important to remove any fibers that have been wound around the roller bearings.

5. Check the Filters

Some filters in vacuum cleaners can be cleaned but others need to be replaced. When a filter is no longer doing the job it should be replaced. Always replace filters with the correct size and avoid cheap copies.

6. Empty Canisters Frequently

vacuum canister

It is best if you empty your canister or vacuum cleaner bag after each use. This will ensure you have the maximum power available and avoid the risk that you will leave the bag so long that it will cause the motor to overheat.

7. Replace Bags Frequently

If you use paper bags that can be emptied remember that they do not last forever and you should replace them while they still feel sound. It is too late if they are feeling soft and more flexible, by this stage they are letting larger pieces of grit through.

8. Check the Vacuum Tube

Each time you use the vacuum tube inspect it carefully for damage. It is much more effective to reinforce an area around a small worn area than it is to repair a split in the tube. Also check the tube for any blockages or large items that have not been sucked all the way through it. Do not use the vacuum tube to tow the machine from point to point.

9. Inspect the Power Line

The power cable to vacuum cleaners is subject to all sorts of abuse. Make sure that there is no damage to the outside insulation. Never use the cable at the maximum extension because you could damage the plug or the socket in the wall. Do not pull on the cord from across the room to unplug it and never use a vacuum with a frayed plug or cord.