9 Surprising Things You Should Never Store in the Bathroom

toiletries on a bathroom counter with a green wall

Your bathroom likely houses an array of miscellaneous items, and it may be a reliable place to store things. However, you may not know that there are certain items you should never store in your bathroom, or should at least protect in a closed cabinet.

1. Toothbrushes

This may be the most shocking thing that you’re not supposed to store in your bathroom. A toothbrush sitting on your bathroom sink can not only grow mold due to the moisture in the air, but it can also attract germs and bacteria that are flung into the air every time you flush the toilet. While it may not be the most convenient or intuitive option, consider storing your toothbrush on your dresser or somewhere away from the bathroom. You should always put the toilet seat fully down before flushing to avoid adding grossness to the air in your bathroom.

2. Medicine and Prescriptions

While it may seem logical to leave medicine and prescriptions in your bathroom, it’s actually one of the worst places to store these items. This is due to the humidity caused by the shower. The humidity can change the effectiveness of medicines. For that reason, it’s better to store them in an area with a more even and cool temperature, such as a bedroom nightstand.

3. Jewelry

Another item to keep away from your bathroom is your jewelry. Again, the tendency for humidity in this room can lead to jewelry tarnishing more quickly than usual, especially when it comes to sterling silver. Like medicine, you should store jewelry in a cool and dry place.

jewelry and makeup supplies on a bathroom counter

4. Perfume or Cologne

Yet another cosmetic to leave out of your bathroom is perfume or cologne. Fluctuations in temperature due to steamy showers are known to destroy the molecular integrity of these fragrances and can cause them to sour. Keep these in your bedroom for a more stable temperature and, thus, a longer shelf life.

5. Books

Even if you find yourself tempted to store some books in your bathroom as reading material, this isn’t a smart move. Again, the humidity of the bathroom causes paper to swell, wrinkle, and stick together. Books can even grow mold, which is another reason to store them somewhere else.

6. Nail Polish

Nail polishes are an expensive cosmetic, and they usually have a two-year shelf life. However, leaving them in a bathroom can shorten their life expectancy. Due to the ever-changing temperature of a bathroom, it negatively affects polish. Store these bottles somewhere at a stable room temperature instead to get the most out of them.

7. Extra Linens

It can be tempting to store extra linens like towels and sheets in a bathroom closet, but that can be harmful to these fibers. This is because bathrooms are the most common place for mold and mildew to thrive in your home. Linens can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew, so they’re best stored away from the bathroom. After you shower, you should also run the exhaust fan as much as possible to help air out any fabrics in your bathroom or towels hung to dry to prohibit the growth of mold and mildew.

fresh laundered sheets stacked and folded

8. Non-Waterproof Electronics

By all means, rock out to your favorite hits in the shower, just use a waterproof speaker. The humidity can cause serious damage to electronics that aren’t meant to stand up to humidity and moisture. Instead, invest in a Bluetooth shower speaker to safely jam out as you bathe. They might be less expensive than you think on Amazon.

9. Extra Razors

It’s not uncommon to stash extra razors in a bathroom drawer, closet, or cabinet. However, this could be causing damage to them before you even put them to use. The humidity in the air of your bathroom could cause razors to rust before you even have a chance to use them. With that being said, store them in a different room until you’re ready to use them, and even then, dry them well after each shower.

Your bathroom is great for bathing and primping, but it isn’t the storage solution that you may have previously thought, as proven by this list of items never to leave in there.

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