9 Tiny Houses You Can Buy on Amazon

light tiny home interior with furnishings
  • 2-60 hours
  • Advanced
  • 8,000-100,000

In our high-speed world, it’s no surprise online shopping has become a convenience few of us want to live without. From food to clothing to household supplies, Amazon has become the leader in all things "necessary." Now the company not only sells everything one might need inside their abode, they can send an entire house. A caveat, though—you won’t find free shipping with Amazon Prime membership, so expect to tack on an additional $4-5,000 for delivery service.

1. MODS 40 Foot Tiny Home

tiny house interior

If you’ve always dreamed of living in a shipping container, this one’s for you. One of many options built by MODS International of Appleton, Wisconsin, this model comes fully furnished and ready to move into. It offers 320 square feet of living space and full heating and air conditioning for comfort. The base price comes in just under $40k, and you’ll need to find someone to place it on 12" concrete sonotube footings (10 total, one every eight feet along perimeter) or a solid concrete slab. You'll also need to hook it up to sewer and water lines before use.

2. YARDADU Outdoor Backyard Zen Office

backyard office module

It’s questionable whether it could actually be considered a home, but perhaps you could at least think of it as a guest house, office module, or man cave/she shed. The design is compact, providing just 104 Sq Ft (13 feet x 8 feet). But for less than $30k, you can have a fully insulated, soundproof, and waterproof option for your yard or vacation spot on the river.

3. WEIZHENGHENG Container House with Solar

tiny house with solar

Measuring 20 feet by 40 feet, this expandable option gets roomier once on site. The DIYer can almost feel like they're building a home, although this kit requires just a few hours for construction with the help of a friend or two. The home features a light steel frame and multiple windows for natural light. It features a solar power system on the top of the house for low-energy or off-grid living. The price starts at $36,800.

4. Allwood Mayflower Wagon

wood tiny house on wagon wheels

It’s indeed tiny at just 117 square feet, but it offers a unique look and a substantially lower price tag starting at $8,850. The outside measurements are 7'11" wide x 15'9" long, and it’s made of Nordic wood. Construction will take a few days, even with a few people, but few tools are needed to complete the task. Note it doesn’t include roof shingles.

5. Allwood Mayflower Base

light tiny home interior with furnishings

Another option by the Allwood manufacturer, this model also measures 117 of living space but comes in just under $8,000. In fact, it’s the same structural model as the Wagon, except it doesn’t come with wheels, stairs, and flower boxes. In many areas, structures on wheels don’t require permits, so one option may offer more appeal than the other.

6. Log Cabin Kit

computer design for small log cabin

The company name is DIY Log Cabins. Yeah, we know, apropos. This tiny cabin ‘logs’ in at 12’ x 20’. It comes with the majority of the wood you’ll need for construction. However, it doesn’t include ceiling material. It’s priced just under $29k.

7. NOMAD Micro Home

interior of a modern tiny house with spiral stairs

Because tiny isn’t small enough, this one is ‘micro.’ It’s manufactured in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada using advanced 3D printing for the steel frame. The cube is a little different with cubed measurements of 13.5′ x 13.5′. This provides wider roominess but also limits the ability to obtain permits to put it on a trailer. However, as a stationary home, it’s, well, homey. It sometimes sells out on Amazon, so it may or may not be available right now.

8. ECO Tiny Home

tiny house with greenery growing on the outside wall

It’s under $30k and doesn’t require a foundation. Prefabricated steel panels come shipped to you, ready for assembly. Built in Florida, it’s meant to offer substantial protection against the weather, including hurricane-proof windows. This basic tiny home model has electrical and water connections for the bedroom, tub, toilet, sink, and kitchenette. It comes equipped with a solar power system.

9. Laminated Log House Kit

chic modern cabin with stone walkway

This not-so-tiny option provides a comparatively abundant amount of space with 1,000 square feet to putter in. The kit includes supplies for the roof, walls, floors, and exterior but does not include the rest of the basics like electrical, doors, windows, plumbing, fixtures, or cabinets. Even stripped down, the structure comes in around $67,000 and will take several months to arrive on site.

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