9 Tips for Caring for Your Grease Gun

A grease gun can be a highly useful and efficient addition to your tool kit. Maintaining and caring for it will allow the grease gun to last many years longer than a grease gun that is not properly maintained. Here are some tips to protect your grease gun and let you get the best from it.

Tip 1 – Cleaning

Keep your grease gun thoroughly clean before and after each use. Use a clean dry cloth to wipe the grease gun because any excess grease can make the gun slip from your hands. Cover it with a clean cloth when you are not using it. This will prevent any dust or debris from getting on it.

Tip 2 - Storing

Grease guns are not heat resistant, so keep it in a dry, cool place. Keep it horizontal and when you go to use it always make sure that all moving parts are aligned and complete. Never keep your grease gun pressurized when you are storing it. Depressurize it before putting it away.

Tip 3 – Moving Parts

Check the moving parts regularly and have a thorough knowledge of your grease gun. This will help you diagnose any issues that come up with it. Inspect the grease barrel and the trigger to make sure that they are both clean and functional.

Tip 4 – Grease Flow

Before you use the grease gun test the nozzle hole for clear flow. You can squirt a little grease onto a clean rag just to make sure it is flowing correctly.

Tip 5 – Calibration

The grease gun should be recalibrated every so often to make sure it registers how much grease can dispense for each pump (if there are multiple pumps).

Tip 6 – Type of Grease

Different grease guns require different types of grease. Mark your gun clearly to indicate which type of grease it should be filled with. Do not use any other sort because this will interfere with the calibration and internal workings of the grease gun and can damage it.

Tip 7 – Maintenance

Always maintain your grease gun according to the recommended instructions that come with the packaging. The manufacturer will give helpful hints and tips about the quality care of your grease gun. Failing to comply with these directions can cause early breakage or contamination.

Tip 8 – Hand Powered

Hand powered grease guns are worked by back pressure, like a trigger of a water gun. The vacuum created inside as you press the trigger will create a back force that dispenses the grease from the nozzle. Hand powered guns still need care and maintenance, so keep it clean and contaminant free. Store it in a cold place and cover it for protection.

Tip 9 – Piston Pumps

The piston pumps in some grease guns need care to maintain their pressure. Treat all your grease guns as directed. The same applies with air powered grease guns. The force of air needs to be channeled correctly and properly maintained.