9 Types Of Snowblower Accessories

Snow blowers come ready to use but can always be accessorized. Here is more about the snowblower accessories.

Clean Out Tools

Cleaning out a snow blower is probably the number one cause of snow blower accidents. By having a tool specially designed to clean out your snow blower you will avoid the risk of trying to use your hands.


Your snow blower will probably spend much of its life out of use. It makes sense to protect it with a tailored cover while it is being stored.

Drift Cutters

Drift cutters can be mounted above your auger housing to cut through drifts. Using the cutters enables you to clear deeper snow by nibbling at it with small movements back and forth. The drift cutters ensure that when you pull back the snow does fall and not just create a cave.

Front Weights

For some lightweight machines a bit of extra weight at the front can improve their efficiency.

Light Kits

If you need to use your snow blower in the dark or poor daylight, fitting a lighting kit can be very helpful. The kits range from a single flood light to a complete set with safety beacons.

Plow Blades.

Fitting your snow blower with a plow blade adds another method of clearing snow.

Snow Blower Cabs

It isn’t fun being deluged with snow and an errant wind can easily redirect your blown snow onto you. A cab will protect you and not add a great deal to the weight of your machine. Even getting in out of the wind can help make snow clearing more enjoyable.

Tire Chains

Your tires are designed to give good grip but sometimes a little help from a set of tire chains will be appreciated.

Track Drives

For the ultimate in mobility you may be able to fit your snow blower with track drives. These are similar to the tracks used by tanks and have a larger area in contact with the snow for better traction.