9 Wood Lathe Accessories for Woodturning 9 Wood Lathe Accessories for Woodturning

There are many different wood lathe accessories that are available for turning wood. These tools must be attached to the lathe in order to form the wood into a decorative object. The cutting accessories available for a wood lathe will create a variety of shapes and designs. 

1. Auger

Used to drill partway into a wood piece, this tool is often used to begin hollowing a vessel. 

2. Bowl Gouge

Used to turn bowls and vessels, this deeply fluted gouge has a thick shaft and long handle. It is used to make cuts at some distance from the hand rest.

3. Bowl Saver

This tool cores the interior part of bowls in one piece. Once the interior has been removed, it can be used for another smaller bowl.

4. Hollowing Tool

A variety of hollowing tools are available to remove deep parts of bowls and vessels. These accessories have long handles used to maintain leverage when working. 

5. Parting Tool

Another pointed accessory, the parting tool is used to separate projects from the lathe. It also separates large and small parts of a piece of work. 

6. Roughing Gouge

This accessory is used to roughly shape and round a wooden spindle. It makes large cuts and should not be used for cutting an end grain, bowls or faceplate projects. 

7. Scraper

This accessory is used to scrape wood fibers from a piece of wood and to shape projects where gouges can not be used. 

8. Skew Chisel

This is a wide, pointed chisel that is used to smooth out flat spindles and add detail work. Their edges are razor sharp. 

9. Spindle Gouge

This shallow, fluted woodworking tool is used for detail work on spindles such as beads and coves.







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