Advantages of Professional Closet Installation

Creating more closet space is often high on many homeowners’ remodeling wish list. Although it may sound insignificant to some, anyone who has remodeled the storage systems in their homes can attest to the fact that it just makes life a little bit better.

Mornings are less stressful when you don’t have to search through a pile of clothes on an overstuffed shelf to find your favorite sweater and then go help your child find their missing sneaker which is buried somewhere under all that clutter.

If you have indeed decided it is high time you got your organizational act together, you are faced with a new dilemma - should you hire a professional to install your new closets or give it a shot yourself?

There are certainly all kinds of products in retail home centers that help you organize your closets, but for the majority of people that is not the issue. They simply do not have enough space for all their accumulated stuff and, for most, adding a few more shelves is not going to help all that much. What they want are bigger closets and to achieve that often means knocking down walls and even changing the whole structure of the house itself.

By opting to hire a professional to install your new closets you get someone who understands closet design and may be able to suggest design options you had never even thought about or even knew existed. There is an awful lot of wasted space in the average home and a professional closet installer will often be able to show you imaginative ways that some of that space could be put to far better organizational use.

Then there is of course the actual installation part of getting nice new closets. Not only is there the actual construction itself but other considerations and tasks that are best left to the professionals. Even the most spacious of closets is a little useless without a decent lighting system and installing such a system involves electricity and wiring, two things that many DIYers do not know a whole lot about.

You also want a closet that is actually properly functional, where the shelves will not fall down and the clothes racks will not crash to the floor when more than three pairs of jeans are hung on them. Building a closet is a lot trickier than it looks on TV – there is a lot of work to be done in a relatively small space and to do so successfully calls for more than just an instructional video.

Still need to justify to yourself the comparatively slight additional expensive of hiring a professional closet installer? Then consider how much of a selling point well designed and spacious closets are when a home is on the market for sale.

After the kitchen, one of the very first things that most prospective homebuyers look at is always how much storage and closet space a house has. Being able to say that a home has some really great storage options has sold many a home for real estate brokers nationwide.

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