A Birdhouse isn't Complete without These Accessories

Adding the right accessories will make any birdhouse complete. These accessories will help attract more birds to your yard. Accessories to consider are those that will provide a sturdy base for the birdhouse, such as a pole or pedestal, plus practical accessories like a bird feeder. Watching the birds enjoy their new home in your yard is a treat for any bird lover. Once you have purchased your birdhouse, you can consider any of the following items to add to it:

Pedestal or Pole

A pedestal or pole will support the birdhouse and at the same time give birds protection from squirrels who might invade their space. A pedestal that has a wide base can also serve as a perch for birds. Most birdhouses are designed to be easily mounted onto a pole and placed in the ground. Pedestals that have a foot and narrow column are the best to use as this will discourage neighborhood cats from climbing up the pole to reach the birdhouse. Position the pedestal or pole in a part of the yard where you can watch the birds each day.

Birdseed Platform

A birdseed platform can be purchased and attached to a birdhouse. Some birdhouses already come with an attached bird feeder, which is a plus if you have limited space in your yard. The birdseed platform, if separate from the birdhouse, can be attached by screwing in hooks at the bottom of the bird feeder at each corner, and repeating the same with the platform. Purchase rigging chain from a hardware store and measure a length of 6 inches of chain for each corner where the birdhouse and birdseed platform will be attached to each other.

Seed Scoop

A seed scoop will hold birdseed that can be disposed into a birdseed holder at regular intervals. A birdhouse that doubles as a bird feeder will benefit from one of these scoops. Most seed scoops can be easily attached to a birdhouse with nails or screws. Position the scoop so the spout empties directly into the platform that holds the birdseed so the birds can enjoy their meal before they enter the birdhouse.

Birdhouse Camera

You can also install a birdhouse camera to view bird activity while inside your home. Watching birds nesting inside the birdhouse is an exciting pastime. The webcam can send the video and audio signals directly to your computer or television set so they can be saved for future viewing. Some birdhouses already come with a camera to save on installation time. Once you have the camera hooked up to your inside monitor, you can keep a record of birding habits on a daily basis.

Birdhouse Bracket

Instead of a pedestal or pole, a birdhouse can be mounted on a bracket which you can attach to your house. Drill holes high on a column on your front porch, then screw the bracket in place. Hang the birdhouse on the bracket. The close proximity of the birdhouse will let you observe and enjoy the birds.