A Color Guide for Decorative Pillows

As the term suggests, ‘Decorative Pillows’ are used for beautifying the living space. Decorative pillows in the form of shams or throw pillows are used exclusively for embellishing the interiors. They are adorned with fancy covers and come in a wide range of colors. Throws are often the most embossed form of decorative pillows. They are prefect for garnishing the sofas and are bought in striking colors to create a contrasting effect against the sedate background of the sofa shades. However, many decorative pillows are dual-purpose, i.e. they are equally practical for being used as a headrest or armrest.

Choosing A Color Shade — Decorative pillows are often matched with the floor furnishings, wherein they are used in more easygoing shades. Among the many pillow shades, dull burgundy has emerged as the most sought-after color. It forms the perfect background upon which heavy handcrafted designs can be created and complements most of the conventional home flooring designs. The couch pillow is often the most dark-colored among decorative pillows since it is often used and hence, the dark colors help to conceal any spots or staining. Similarly, floor pillows are packed with thick stuffing and used in darker shades.

Look Beyond The Fabric Color

It would be wrong to assume that only the outer fabric or the pillowcase offer a choice of colors. Decorative pillows come with many add-ons like fancy trims and other embellishments. Each of these can be ordered in varying colors to compliment your interiors. The most common form of pillow embellishments among decorative pillows that can be used for creating a more aesthetic impact includes: 

  • Flanges
  • Laces
  • Welting
  • Buttons
  • Cordings
  • Tassels
  • Fringes
  • Ruffles

Color Options Among Conventional Decorative Pillow Types

Knife-edge Decorative Pillows — these are a conventional form of decorative pillows. They can be identified by a seam running along the outer edge of the pillow. Knife-edge decorative pillows are seldom retailed in bright shades. An easy way of decorating them is using colored fringes or trims along the seams.

Box-edge Decorative Pillows — the shape has more rounded-off corners and thus, uses more seams. They come in a variety of shapes, like round and triangular, but seldom offer a choice of colors. Most of them are retailed in whites and peaches and are best recommended for interiors that need to tone down the color effect.

Bolster Decorative Pillows — these are cylinder-shaped pillows and though they don’t come in many colors, they offer many design patterns. Bolsters are commonly seen in bright-colored stripes or block prints and are perfect for the bedroom.

Arranging Colored Decorative Pillows

A simple way to decide which color is needed for your pillows is through establishing the pillow arrangement. Accent pillows and throws are often arranged in a varying color format wherein the central pillow should have the brightest or the focal color. This intense color needs to be harmonized with neutral shades of pillows like tan and whites on either sides. In this arrangement, heavy garnishing like beadings is usually avoided. Here, the emphasis is on creating a harmonized appearance in the room’s décor with a subtle use of colors.