A Complete Guide to ATV Mud Tires Sizes A Complete Guide to ATV Mud Tires Sizes

What You'll Need
Air pressure gauge
Access to an air compressor
Access to different styles of Mud Tires

Understanding ATV mud tire sizes is important if you own an ATV. ATV mud tires are available in many different forms and types. People like to take their ATV off road and into the mud for many reasons, mostly for fun and recreation. It’s important to understand the differences in the mud tires air pressure and the mud tires size and construction as compared to the original equipment tire the truck was delivered with, if you want to buy or change your ATV tires.

 Step 1 - Understanding the Importance of the Proper Air Pressure

Even the most expensive ATV in the world relies upon the proper tires, and the proper air pressure in those tires, when it runs on the mud. So too does the average weekend warrior, who takes his inexpensive ATV out for a little fun on the weekends in the woods, rely on the air pressure in the tires of his ATV. Air pressure is important to understand when you think about the type of mud tire you want to install on your ATV. There are different types of mud tires, some of them are taller in height than the tires that were originally on the truck, or some might be shorter than the tires that were original equipment. The road stance or footprint and the shape and the tire is important because altering the air pressure in a taller than the original equipment tire may make the truck unstable, whereas this is not such a concern if you installed shorter than normal tires on the ATV. You can order any type or style of tire you would like, a short wide mud tire, or a tall thinner mud tire. The thinner mud tire would have a deeper mud tread than the shorter wider mud tire, which would have a larger tire surface on the mud, and a shorter mud tread on it. The type of mud riding you will do, and the type of mud you will encounter, will determine which tire is best for your needs. Once you decide upon a tire style and size, you can consider the air pressure you would want to run those tires at.

Step 2 – Picking the Right Mud Tire Size

Understanding the type of driving you will be doing is important when choosing the right style of mud tire, and it is also important to keep the mud tire properly inflated. Once you recognize the type of mud driving you will be doing, and you have picked the tire style, taller or shorter than normal with or without deeper mud tread, you can focus of the tire sizes in terms of the production numbers assigned to the tires by the tire industry. Usually mud tires are taller than normal and wider than normal, both, to raise the chassis up higher, and to have a wider stance and bigger footprint. The ATV mud tire is identified by a number string as follows, 25x10-12. The first number refers to the height of the tire, the second number is the width of the tire, and the third number is the size of the rim the tire would be mounted on. If you are going to do what most do, and perhaps this is the right situation for you, but most pick the taller and wider than the standard tire that was delivered on the truck. So with that in mind, read the tire size your truck was delivered with, and change the height of the tire and width of the tire as you would like, increasing them both will give the most grip and most chassis height.

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