A Complete Guide to Chop Saw Blades

The chop saw is a tool used to cut metal, particularly for installation in homes and businesses. This is an essential piece for the home improvement fan who wants to cut their metal piping or structural support as accurately as possible. The blade of the chop saw is also adaptable to a wide range of purposes. To get the best cut for your money, read on for information about the types of saw blades available to determine which will best suit your needs.

Regular Chop Saw Blade

The most common type of chop saw blade is available in packs, usually of 12 or so. These blades work with any kind of cutting tool, from the regular metal cutting of the chop, to the carbide chop machine, and those which also handle wood. There  are a range of sizes and shapes, so you will need to check the blade that is already fitted in your machine. Look for a packet of blades which correctly match the RPM capabilities of your machine.

There are a range of blades, each of which has to be fitted to the correct machine. For example, a circular chop saw will need to have the circular blade fitted. If you cannot find the right fitting for your machine, then you may need to ask for assistance, as the wrong blade may break or snap during use, or may fail to cut the object that you wish to insert into the chop saw..

Laser Guide Blade

In addition to the blade, you may also want to purchase a laser guide for your device. These fit along the same angle as the blade, and allow you to correctly guide the material into the saw. These laser guides are perfect for those who want to get a better and more accurate cut on your metal piping, or wooden blocks. The laser guide is fitted into the blade, so when you remove the blade in order to replace it, you will need to take off the laser for a few moments, and remember to fit it back on once you have put the new blade on.

Sizes and Cost

The size of the chop saw blade is probably one of the biggest factors in deciding the type of blade you need for a particular job. An ordinary size 10 inch cutting blade can cost you around $100, and even more, but the more expensive blades are not always a good cutting tool, so you need to take other factors into account. There are cheaper varieties available if you just want a blade, but the more expensive ones can sometimes just be resharpened, rather than having to be pulled out and completely replaced. For this reason, they last a bit longer than the cheaper varieties. You may also find that expensive blades leave less cut marks than the cheaper types, which is another advantage when you are using it to cut items regularly.