A Complete Guide to Rotary Tool Parts

A rotary tool can be used for a large number of projects. They work great for craft projects as well as larger, more involved do-it-yourself projects. One of the greatest advantages of rotary tools is fact that they can be customized with attachments and accessories to accomplish all sorts of tasks.

Mini Saw Attachment

When you add the mini saw attachment to your rotary tool, you have a small saw that can get into really tight places. This tool can be used for wood materials and can make clean perpendicular cuts.

Lawn Mower and Garden Tool Sharpener

This tool can be attached to your rotary tool and can sharpen your lawn mower blades and other tools such as spades, shears, axes, and hoes.

Right Angle Attachment

The right angle attachment can be added to your rotary tool and allow you to get into hard to reach places such as corners. You simply attach the right angle attachment to the front of your rotary tool and you have instant access to difficult-to- reach places.

Tile Cutting Kit

When you attach the tile cutting kit to your rotary tool, you can precisely cut stone and ceramic tile. This addition eliminates the need to buy separate tools for these jobs. You can cut around fixtures in your bathroom and kitchen and create beautiful custom mosaics with this rotary tool attachment.

Grout Removal Attachment

With the grout removal attachment, you can easily remove grout from between tiles without damaging the tile. Using a professional grout removal tool such as this one also makes re-grouting your tile very easy. These rotary tool attachments can also be used on wall and floor grout.

Planer Attachment

If you need to plane down doors or door casings, picture frames, or any wood working projects , the planer attachment for your rotary tool is the perfect choice. You simply place the attachment on the front of your rotary tool and you can adjust to any wood project.

Sanding Guide

When you attach the sanding guide to your rotary tool you don’t have to worry about keeping your surface level. The guide helps you sand your entire surface perfectly. Once you connect the attachment you simply set the level on the guide and begin sanding.

Engraving Cutters

When you attach engraving cutters to your rotary tool you can engrave a variety of surfaces with power and precision. The cutters are available in a number of different sizes so that you can make the cuts as deep or as large as you want.

Cutting Wheels

Cutting wheels are used for shaping wood, plastic, and laminate. When you attach them to your rotary too, you can manipulate the materials much easier than by hand.

Sanding Bands

Sanding bands are easy to use and can give you different results depending on the pressure that you apply. They can also remove dust from metal objects and shape rubber. Sanding bands are usually purchased in a set of 6 or 12. If you find that your sanding band has dulled you simply attach a new one.