A Complete Guide to the Cordless Impact Wrench

A cordless impact wrench is useful for removing and installing nuts and bolts. Different types of impact wrenches have different impact mechanisms like the pin clutch, the rocking dog and the twin hammer. Hobbyists often use the pin clutch and the rocking dog types while the twin hammer wrenches are usually used by professionals in assembly lines and tire shops. If you are a hobbyist and you just bought your first impact wrench, you need to know the basic things about unpacking, using, caring for and storing your wrench.

Unpacking and Inspecting Your Impact Wrench

Carefully inspect your new impact wrench when you unpack it. Make sure that the wrench did not sustain any damages while in transit. Inspect the wrench for any loose bolts and fittings. Tighten all loose bolts and fittings before you test your wrench.

Getting Your Wrench Ready for Work

Before you start working with your impact wrench, check out the maximum operating pressure of the wrench. Note that the air tool can explode if subjected to too pressure. Also, you need to check the attachments on your wrench from time to time. Worn attachments can splinter and cause accidents, so see to it that you change your attachments regularly. When changing tools or attachments, you should use only attachments that are designed for your wrench. As much as possible, you should buy only attachments that are made by the same company that manufactured your wrench. This way, you can be sure that the attachments will fit well into your wrench.

Working With Your Wrench

When working with your wrench do not trigger the tool when it is not applied to an object. Also, to avoid accidents, do not point the impact wrench at anybody when you press the trigger.

Safety Measures

Your impact wrench can product a lot of noise so be sure that you wear ear protection while working with your wrench. To protect your eyes from splinters and debris, wear safety glasses when using your impact wrench. You should also avoid wearing loose fitting clothes when working with your wrench to avoid accidents. Loose clothing can get caught in the wrench attachments.

Lubricating Your Wrench

Failure to lubricate your cordless impact wrench regularly will shorten its life. Before you lubricate your wrench, be sure to cut off its power first. When lubricating your impact wrench, pay close attention to the motor and the impact mechanism. To lubricate the motor, turn the impact wrench upside down and apply the lubricant. Be sure to put just enough lubricant to grease the motor. 

Storing Your Cordless Impact Wrench

When not in use, put your cordless impact wrench in its box and store the box in a safe dry place. If you have children at home, be sure to put the wrench in a place where the kids cannot reach it.