A Few Tricks to Pruning a Serviceberry Tree

There are a few tricks for pruning a serviceberry tree, a small tree or shrub that produces white blossoms in early spring. This plant is also known as amelanchier and called shadblow, juneberry or Saskatoon. In addition to providing year-round beauty, the serviceberry tree produces a small, edible pome fruit.

Pruning a Serviceberry Tree

Serviceberry trees don't usually need to be pruned for the first 3 years, though it's important to remove blossoms that appear in the first and second years after planting. This will help to stimulate growth.

Before pruning a serviceberry tree, you should examine the tree's structure to ensure that you clip the right parts. You should prune:

  • Weak or dead branches
  • Thin wood with small buds
  • Interior crossing branches

Prune during the fourth year, and dormant trees should be pruned during mid-March. Thinning out branches encourages new growth for maximum yield of blossoms and fruit.

Pruning a serviceberry tree is easy as long as you know what needs to be pruned. Remove branches that aren't beneficial to the tree's growth, and your tree will be more likely to thrive.