A Guide to Glass Roof Tinting A Guide to Glass Roof Tinting

What You'll Need
Glass Tinting Kit
Spray Bottle
Mild Soap
Distilled Water
Lint-free Cloth
Knife or Sharp Blade

Glass roofs can be tinted to make the space under it a lot cooler. Although glass roofs do provide a good panoramic view of the world outside, it can be annoying during a very hot day. The solution is to tint it with a color that does not totally block the light from entering, but darken it a bit so heat does not build up too much.

Step 1 – Choosing the Appropriate Tint

When choosing a tint, it is recommended you choose a light tint with at least 5 to 10 percent tint. This makes the glass dark enough to let the temperature in control, but not too dark to still allow a good view of the sky outside. Use a tint that also provides UV protection to ensure that the room is screened from sun’s harmful rays.

Step 2 – Measure the Area of the Glass Roof Surface

Measure the required surface area to be tinted to get a good estimate on the tinting material to be used. The tinting materials can be purchased as a kit from a local or online store. You can cut the tinting material yourself or buy them pre-cut. 

Step 3 – Clean the Roof

Spray a soapy mixture onto the underside of the glass roof. The solution should be made out of distilled water and mild detergent. Remove any trace of dirt and grime before applying the tint. After using soapy solution, clean the soap residue with clean water. Wipe the entire surface clean with a dry lint-free cloth.

Step 4 – Clean your Hands

Wash both hands clean before touching the tint film. Every trace of dirt, grease or any other debris should be cleaned thoroughly as well. The hands should also be free from any type of chemicals such as those from lotions.

Step 5 – Cut the Film

Fit the tint film onto the underside of the roof. If the surface to be tinted is wide, use a larger sheet and add more sheets as necessary. Trace the edges and cut them carefully. When cutting the sheets, use a sharp knife or razor blade to ensure clean cuts. Use a ruler as well to make the cuts even and precise.

Step 6 – Apply the Film

Remove the backing from underneath the film sheets and carefully. Mix soapy water in a spray bottle and spray the underside of the sheets and the glass roof as well. Position the film onto the underside of the roof and let it stick to the glass. Remove the air bubbles and the soapy solution from the sheets using a squeegee. Allow the solution to move outwards away from the film. Repeat the same process until every surface area of the glass is tinted. 

Let the tint film cure for about 72 hours. During the curing period, provide good ventilation into the room where the glass roof is located. 

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