A Guide to Improvising Windshield Wiper Arms A Guide to Improvising Windshield Wiper Arms

What You'll Need
Tack Cloth
Used Windshield Wiper Arms
Wiper Arm Blades

Windshield wiper arms are very essential in the operation of windshield wipers. These long arms do not only clear the windshield for a clearer view, but they also connect the motor to the blades of the wiper.  Windshield wiper arms can get damaged due to heavy use or due to environmental factors such as heavy snow, hurricane, or hailstorm. In order to avoid buying a new set of windshield arms, it is best to improvise or repair the old ones using readily available materials.

Step 1 – Gather Old or Used Windshield Wiper Arms

Parts of used windshield wipers can be reused to make new ones. If there are used wiper arms of the same brand or same design available, gather them and store the others for future use. Parts of these used wipers can be disassembled and reassembled to create new wiper arms. Sometimes, the wiper blades only get damaged but the other parts of the wiper still remain intact and recyclable. Buying a new set of wipers every time one part gets damaged can be quite costly. Instead of using money to buy new sets of wiper arms, it is best to reassemble new wiper arms from disassembled wipers arm parts.

Step 2 – Reassemble Windshield Wiper Arms

Disassemble the used wiper arms and set aside parts that are still in good condition. Gather around all needed parts of the wiper arm. Make sure that the parts are of the same design in order to make the assembling a lot easier. Reassembling a new wiper arm will not be a very difficult task since they follow the same design as the original. In order to secure the new wiper arm in place, buy new screws if needed and screw all the parts tightly and securely. To give the reassembled wiper arm a new look, proceed to the next step.

Step 3 – Sand the Reassembled Piece

Use a sander to smooth the arms. Remove any trace of the old coating and make sure not to leave any rough edges. After sanding the entire set of arms, clean them with a tack cloth. This will remove any dust left on the arms and make them ready for refinishing.

Step 4 – Refinish the Reassembled Piece

When the arms are ready, paint them with a color that matches the color of your car (a black color will also do). To paint the whole arm, hang them on a wire outside the home or in the garage. Make sure not to leave any surface unpainted. Allow the wiper arms to dry.

Step 5 – Install the Blades

Install the blades on the wiper arms before installing the whole set to the car. This may require buying a new set of blades from an auto supply store.

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