A Guys Green Guide To Valentine's Day Gifts A Guys Green Guide To Valentine's Day Gifts

By going green this Valentine’s Day, you can do your part to save the environment. Millions of people around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day, and it is second only to Christmas when it comes to greeting card sales. Every year, close to a billion greeting cards and several million chocolate boxes are sold on this day. If we all go green this Valentine’s Day, think of the number of trees we would save! Here are a few tips on celebrating a green Valentine's Day.

Buy Fair Trade Certified Products

Fair Trade Certification is a system that helps you identify products that meet environmental and ethical standards. Fair Trade Certified products are produced by laborers who are paid a fair wage for their efforts. When you buy Fair Trade Certified chocolates and wines on Valentine’s Day, you know you are helping the environment and also some of the poorest laborers in the world.

Buy Organic

Most of the products available on the market today contain chemicals and toxins. The production and use of such products is harmful to our health, and also to the environment. When buying a gift, consider the benefit of organic goods to the environment as well as the health of your Valentine. There is a wide range of organic beauty products available that are great gift ideas.

Eat Locally

If you have grand dinner plans, try to find a locally owned restaurant that serves organic food. Better still, do some shopping for organic groceries and cook your beloved a home-made dinner. Avoid food that has traveled around the world. Food from far-away countries reaches us at the cost of fuel, rainforests and oppressed workers.

Save Trees

Instead of buying a greeting card, consider sending an online greeting. You can also buy greeting cards made from recycled paper. Another option is a greeting card made of paper that is manufactured from plant by-products such as straw, jute and hemp. You can also make your own greeting card using newspapers, or old greeting cards. Do not use paper to wrap your gifts.

Buy Local

Instead of gifting your loved one an extravagant bouquet of imported flowers, you can send your message across with a single locally-grown organic rose. Imported flowers may not be Fair Trade Certified, and travel to you from a long distance, burning a lot of fuel. Chances are that these flowers were grown amidst abundant pesticides, and can be harmful to your health.

Buy Environmentally Friendly Gifts

If you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a diamond or gold gift, think twice. The mining processes used in the manufacture of precious stones and metals are very costly to the environment. Mining processes release several toxic materials in the atmosphere, and destroy natural vegetation. The laborers who toil in mines are generally overworked and underpaid. If you want to buy jewelry, ensure that the jeweler is certified for following ethical and environmental standards.

Consider having a used piece of precious stone or metal renovated or polished to make it look brand-new. Other gift choices available are bags made from recycled paper, organic make-up sets, a reusable water bottle or a gift certificate at an organic store.





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