A List of Games to Improve Your Memory

If you're looking for effective ways to improve your memory, it may interest you to learn that there are a number of ways you can do just that while having a fair amount of fun. It's a little known fact that certain games can help improve your memory and even boost your cognitive abilities. So, if memory improvement is something in which you have an interest, consider taking part in the following games.

Household Item Reminiscing

One enjoyable game that can help you improve your memory is Household Item Reminiscing. This game basically entails laying out a number of your possessions on a table and subsequently trying to remember the story behind the acquisition of each item. If you like a bit of a challenge, try this game with older items as opposed to recently acquired ones. Also, if you're interested in honing a child's memory skills from an early age, you can play this game with your son or daughter and substitute your child's toys and books for household items. Household Item Reminiscing is a simple and enjoyable memory-boosting exercise for people of all ages.

Collective Storytelling

In addition to being a familiar exercise in a number of acting classes and improvisational workshops, Collective Storytelling is a great way to improve your memory while honing your creativity. This game entails sitting in a circle with a group of friends or family members and telling one large story. After someone starts the story, they will eventually entrust the person next to them with the task of continuing it. The game will continue in this fashion until every participant has been given several opportunities to add to the story and the person who initially started the tale decides to end it. Collective Storytelling helps improve your memory by forcing you to keep track of the additions other participants have made to story in order to make your contributions relevant. Like the above-mentioned Household Item Reminiscing, this game is ideal for both children and adults who want to build better memory skills.

Matching Cards

While this is a popular game amongst small children, Matching Cards can be a fantastic way to improve the memory of older children and adults. This particular game entails laying a deck of cards that feature easily discernible pictures across a table. After giving all the participants a minute or so to look them over, turn the cards face down and begin the game. Once a player turns over her first card, she will then be expected to turn over another card that features the same image. Should she fail, her cards will once again be turned face down and remain on the table until one of the players successfully matches them up. The game will end once all the pairs have been matched. Alternatively, if you're interested in playing this game on the go, it is prominently featured on many memory boosting video games for portable consoles like the Nintendo DS.

The next time you find yourself at a loss for enjoyable ways to improve your memory, just remember this list of games and you'll be able to enhance your memory skills in no time.