A Mirror is the Perfect Accent for a Grand Entrance A Mirror is the Perfect Accent for a Grand Entrance

Decorating the foyer of your home with a mirror hung directly opposite the front door will accentuate the entrance to your home and make a grand first impression. A mirror highlights a foyer by adding depth and creating a stylistic feature. To make a grand entrance to your home, add a mirror in the foyer, creating the impression of an expansive space and making it a portal to the rest of your dwelling.

The Importance of the Foyer

A foyer can be just about any size and style. It is the room containing the main entryway to your home. The foyer is the hub that often connects the living room, kitchen and other main floor rooms with the staircase that leads up to the bedrooms. It is the first room you enter when you come into the home. Often there is a small half bath connected to it, a closet and links to the rest of the house. There is also usually ample space for decorations of various kinds, from plants to pictures to a mirror.

Although the kitchen is the center of a home, the foyer is the first impression. A smartly decorated and accentuated foyer invites guests into the home, providing a visual teaser of what they can expect from the rest of the house.

Qualities of a Mirror

Mirrors, aside from being a nice touch in just about any room, add depth and dimension. It is an optical illusion, but a mirror seems to enlarge the room in which it hangs. In a foyer, being greeted by a mirror opposite the door creates an entryway that seems expansive and inviting. In addition, mirrors also provide decoration for bare walls. Especially if it is bound by an attractive frame, a mirror truly livens up a room. More practically speaking, a mirror provides both you and your guests a place to reflect when coming or going. Straighten your tie, check your hair or hat and give yourself an all-around glance with a mirror in the foyer.

A Grand Entrance

A mirror in the foyer not only opens up the room, but it creates a grand entrance space. It reflects the light, front door and decorations of the entryway, expanding its perceptible space and warming it with reflective tones. When combined with decorative plants, pictures, perhaps a chandelier and pleasant colors, a mirror in the entryway creates the impression that your guests stand before a portal to the rest of the house.

Rather than let the foyer of your home sit empty and uninviting, consider the smart placement of a mirror to expand and enlighten the entryway to your home. The foyer is the first room guests will see as they enter. Give them a grand entrance into the portal to your home by hanging a tastefully designed mirror opposite the front door.

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