A Portable Carport Explained In Detail A Portable Carport Explained In Detail

Portable carports are a relatively recent and major improvement over the conventional, metallic carports. Traditionally, carports were made of lighter metals like steel and aluminum. They were used extensively in homes that had a fully-occupied garage and needed more space to park their vehicles. Most of these carports were built as an extension of the garage, i.e. fixed to the outer walls of the garage. Thus, a metallic carport is often called Garage Annexure. Portable carports are a more practical solution and offer a greater range of options in terms of designs and their utility. A portable carport is also called a mobile garage, pop-up canopy and a portable canopy. 

Basic Portable Carport Construction 

The basic construction of all portable carports has the following features: 

  • A foldable cover
  • Telescoping assemblies at the four corners of the cover
  • Telescoping mast inclining outwards from each corner
  • Each of the masts has two anchoring legs
  • Each leg has its foot lodged in the ground

Lateral Anchoring Configuration — This system consists of a lateral plate that is attached to each of the masts. The plate presses upon a clamping device. This mechanism ensures that the mast of the carport is maintained at a fixed inclination. 

Removable Spacer — This feature rests near the roof of the parked vehicle. It is used to push the flexible cover in an upward direction. The spacer can be manipulated to decide the space between the vehicle’s top and the carport’s upper wall. 

Except the use of these basic structural components, carport plans could vary a lot depending upon the level of customization sought by the customer.  Those who need more space could order a double carport, i.e. a canopied carport that can house two vehicles. 

Accessories For Portable Carports

Depending upon how you travel and weather conditions, various accessories can be added to a portable carport. Many folks prefer using large propylene bags. These bags are filled with sand and used to secure the carport. The additional weight around each mast means that the entire structure would be more stable in rough weather conditions. However, if you want an easier option, then anchor kits can be bought. These are easy-to-pack kits that make the carport secured against thefts and heavy storms. Screen kits can be used for adding to the durability of the carport fabric. The screen protects the canopy against sunshine, rainfall and staining. 

Additional Uses Of Portable Carports

The normal perception is that carports are meant for parking vehicles only. This includes recreational transportation modes like sailboats. However, there are no strict rules to using a carport — it can be used as a fully-functional garage for storing anything. Carports are often laid out to house guests that cannot be accommodated within the house. In fact, many folks use them as a temporary backyard accomodation. Here, the carport is made inhabitable by adding extra sheets to protect it against moisture seepage along with some furniture items. Those who have their own businesses and need a temporary arrangement for safely storing their inventories can use carports spread out at their homes or near the business location.

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