A Quick Way to Install Bathroom Stall Doors

  • 2-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 125-250
What You'll Need
1/4 inch drill bit
Pilaster with lower/upper hinge system
Four thru-bolts
Four barrel nuts
Door-assembly nylon bushing
3/8 1 inch cap bolts
Wrench and hammer
Standard door knob
Hinge pins

Most bathroom stall doors have a two-tier hinge configuration that is clearly visible in the form of separate upper and lower sections. Installing such doors into bathroom stalls requires a systematic approach to make the entire process, an easy combination of some uncomplicated procedures.

    Installing the Bathroom Stall Door

    1. Drill one top hole for the top hinge of the stall door with a 1/4 -drill bit, 13 1/4inches from the top of the pilaster.

    2. Drill one bottom hole for the top hinge in the upper portion of the door with a 1/4-drill bit, 1 1/2 inches below the top hole.

    3. Drill the top hole and bottom hole for hinge fittings in the lower portion of the door using the1/4-drill bit.

    4. Top hole for the bottom hinge should be drilled 68 inches from the top of pilaster and the bottom hole should be 1½ inches below the top hole.

    5. Use two thru-bolts & barrel nuts for securing the upper pilaster hinges.

    6. Insert nylon bushing into the bottom space of the top hinge.

    7. Use two thru-bolts for securing the lower pilaster hinges.

    8. Set the door against the bottom hinge and press slightly upon it to ensure that the hinges are properly lined-up.

    9. Align the upper pin holes with respective holes of the top hinge.

    10. Push in the hinge pin and hammer lightly.

    11. Use 3/8 x 1 inch cap bolts for fastening the bottom hinges.

    12. Try to move the door. The door should stay steady at all angles. Tighten the bolts using a wrench.

    13. To install the door knob, push-in the inside portion of the chosen latch. Start aligning the tooth of the latch along with the internal escutcheon plate. Compress the latch and the plate together, pushing-in the knob. Tighten the manufacturer’s screws for fitting the knob.