A Renter's Guide to Small Space Storage Solutions

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Living in a small space can be tough! It can be even more difficult when it's a rental because a lot of places limit the amount of renovations you're allowed to do, including hanging things on the walls.

Whether you're allowed to screw shelves into your walls or not, there are many small space storage solutions that you can use.


add dresser to small space for storage

Bureaus make the perfect storage solution for small spaces that are lacking in ample closet or cupboard space. The great thing about using a dresser is that you can use it to store anything from clothes to silverware.

You can use bureaus as TV stands and store remotes, movies, or instruction manuals in its drawers. You could even use them as a hallway table that keeps all your spare linens.

If your bathroom has little to no storage space, or even limited counter space, adding a small dresser or nightstand to the room can provide you with the drawers for your bathroom necessities and even an extra tabletop.

Re-purposing an old dresser into extra storage is the perfect solution, and it can be an attractive piece if you style it right.


backpack hanging on hook

Hooks are a great way to organize things in any room, and the best part is, you can add them without causing any permanent alterations from nails, screws, tacks, or messy adhesives; just use Command hooks or something similar. Command hooks are easy to attach to your wall and easy to remove from it. Plus, they can hold a surprising amount of weight.

Hooks can be used in the bedroom or bathroom for clothes, housecoats, towels, jewelry, and accessories. They can also be used in the kitchen to hang mugs or cooking utensils, or you can use them to keep purses or backpacks from cluttering your floor.

You can even buy metal or plastic over the door hooks that can be moved as needed without any hassle.

The possibilities for using hooks for storage and organization are endless!

Tension Rods

hanging mugs

A great alternative to hooks are tension rods. Tension rods are great for adding extra storage to cabinets and closets, and they won't leave any permanent damage.

Many people use tension rods to hang spray bottles and wash cloths either in the kitchen or the bathroom, but they can also be used for clothes, accessories, and jewelry.

You can also buy tension rods for your kitchen and hang hooks over it to store mugs, pots, pans, and utensils.

Wall Storage

kitchen with wall storage

If your rental lease allows it, building storage up off the floor and on your walls will save you so much space. You can use hooks, like mentioned above, or even add wall-mounted shelves.

Wrap around ceiling shelves are great for storing movies, books, trinkets, and more, making efficient use of overhead space. You can also add wall shelves up your staircase and in corners.

Using your walls to store things helps keep clutter off of table tops, counters, floors, utilizing space that would otherwise be empty.

If your rental doesn't allow building into the walls, just buy large scale shelving units that will take up wall space.


built in vanity

A lot of houses and apartments have awkward nooks that often go unused, but if you get creative, you can use it for extra storage.

Measure the space, and buy either a shelf or a tall dresser to fill the space to make it functional. Or, take advantage of tension rods here to add a little mini-closet area. Hang a curtain so that it doesn't turn into an eyesore.

Some apartments have built-in desks, which are great as is. However, if you're not in need of a small home workspace, turn it into a vanity to make your morning routine a little easier. You can use drawers to store makeup and hair products out of the way.

Door Hangers

towel bar on door

Doors provide excellent possibilities for storage! You can install hooks or a towel bar in the bathroom for your used towels to dry off.

Alternatively, if you don't want to attach hooks to the back of your door, there are other options. For example, there are a variety of over-the-door organizers, such as an array of different hooks, baskets, pocket shoe organizers, cap racks, and deluxe household pantry shelves.

The thing to remember is to keep your mind open about what you can store in there. For instance, a shoe organizer can also be used to store tools, art supplies, gift wrap, jewelry, food, cleaners, or anything else you can think of.

Double-Duty Furniture

storage bed with drawers

In a small space it makes sense to make your furniture work overtime and give it some double-duties.

A lot of couches, beds, chairs, and ottomans are made with built-in storage underneath. This is great for storing throw pillows and blankets. There are also a lot of large, leather ottomans on the market that can flip into coffee tables with space for storage inside.

If you're living in a studio apartment, consider storing your bed with a pull-out couch or futon so that your bed stays tucked away for company. There are also pieces that serve as storage, seating, and a bed that are great for kids' rooms, as they facilitate adorable sleepovers.

Under the Bed

under the bed storage

Speaking of having drawers under the bed, if you don't you can easily purchase under bed storage boxes and containers. A lot of stores offer basic bed frames and the option of buying drawers, so if you get into your space and decide you need some extra, under-the-bed storage, you can go back and buy the matching drawers.

Using underneath the bed for storage is perfect for toys, shoes, blankets, sheets, books, and out-of-season clothes.

Hidden Storage

fabric storage unit

It is a lot harder to keep a small space clean and organized; it only takes a small amount of clutter for your small space to feel overwhelming, which is why it is so important to hide your storage.

Using cupboard doors, curtains, and containers will help keep your space much cleaner and more organized, leaving you feeling much more serene and stress-free.

Keep it sneaky with stackable organizers. You can tuck away washcloths, shower caps, and toiletries in organized units rather than clutter them up under cabinets. These are also great for under the bed, under the couch, or in dresser drawers.

Remove Closet Doors

hanging wall beads

A lot of closet doors open outward, making surrounding space unusable. If you remove the closet door and replace it with a curtain, you can use that space for other things. For example, if your bedroom is small, you can remove the door so that you can put your bed closer to the closet.

Instead of curtains, consider fun beading to disguise the closet area. You could buy them pre-made or use this as a DIY project. Simply measure the length and width of your door frame, and buy string and beading of your choice. This is a great way to let kids be creative if theirs is the closet you'll be hanging the beads in front of.